Three Awesome Guppy Lure Pencil Poppers Giveaway


I been meaning to do this for a while, guys from Guppy probably think I stashed these suckers in my bag, but nothing is further from the truth.

I been a little too deep into a new project and a bit MIA I suppose but when you see what is in my head I am sure you will understand.

So these beautiful pencil poppers made by Guppy Lure Co have been hanging in my basement.

But they are made to be fished so today i will give three of you a chance to win one Guppy Lures Pencil Poppers each, the color of my choice. Always loved these plugs and after I really got to know the Hess brothers who make these plugs I have an even deeper appreciation of what they do.




and just a note that finally Skull oversized stickers and SJ Bass stickers are back in stock in our online store at



New video by NY Surf Fishing guide Bill Wetzel

Do we have a treat for you today!

We know many of you do not have a chance to hear Bill Wetzel talk at seminars. You get these bits and pieces of his well earned wisdom over the years here and there. I was honored when he asked me the other day to help him make a how to fish with live eels.

So pull up a chair, get a cup of LARGE coffee and sit back because twenty minutes of essential Mr. Wetzel is coming your way


YouTube Preview Image

Videos, videos and more videos

As you all know, we are giving away this custom C&R Surfcasting Gear bag to one deserving veteran. Do you have someone in mind you’d like to nominate?

Click here and nominate your favorite surfcaster


Video of the bag

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For those of you that are FB junkies we are giving away a whole package consisting of 30b,40lb,50lb spools of Spiderwire Ultracast on our FB page. Here is the link.

Throw your name into a hat, you got to be in it two win it


I wanted to share this really awesome video from DEEP guys. They just uploaded yesterday but i thought i was really well done. Its not often when you watch a video that you say that the guy behind the camera captured the moment.

All i could think is i want to catch one of those bad boys

And continuing in video mode

You know John Skinner’s book is out right? You can find it in our online store by clicking the tab in  right hand corner. But did you know that John’s book has little coded boxes which you scan with your phone and it will take you right to a relevant chapter video?


We are lucky that John uploaded bunch a new videos this week that work in conjunction with his book

If you missed any, here there are

Live eels

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YouTube Preview Image


YouTube Preview Image


Sunday video blog

I just realized I put out a 60 pound Boga video yesterday  instead of 30 as stated in title. My bad so here is a correct one

YouTube Preview Image

Not the first or last time I screwed up

And now for the entertainment portion of your Sunday schedule, some new videos from one and only Slap Jackson. Dude works hard on making these videos. I dig it

November 11th

YouTube Preview Image

October 31 st

YouTube Preview Image

October 23rd

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Servicing your Boga Grip video by SJ Rod Guru Lou Caruso

Despite the fact that fishing is just hitting a stride in some areas, many surfcasters have unofficially call it quits. Those of us that have experienced previous  frost burns like yours truly on construction site years ago have a really hard time dealing with a cold. I heard Costa Rica is very nice this time of the year?

But i am still writing this at 5 AM, rod on the roof and truck packed this morning as temperature outside is yes, 32 degrees. So I don’t blame anyone for snuggling  close to your significant other. An even maybe do some gear clean up for a winter.

Do you own a Boga Grip? Did you ever took apart  to clean it? Our Rod Guru Lou Caruso of  shows in you step by step process just how easy it is. You can contact Lou at if you ever need a rod built or just advice. He is an awesome guy

This video appeared originally in the march 2014 issue of the Surfcaster’s journal magazine.How to service Boga 60 is in the following issue. Its one of the benefit of being a subscriber so check us out and subscribe at

You not only get fresh issues with exclusive videos and original content but immediate access to all the past issue. Pretty sweet if you ask me

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A Special Veterans Day Custom Bag giveaway


Thanks to a very generous donation from the Surfcaster’s Journal subscriber Gerard Doyle we are going to award this one of a kind C&R Surfcasting Gear bag to one lucky veteran who is the surfcaster.
You know how we do this, you nominate a friend who is a veteran and who is a surfcaster right here on the blog and we’ll take care of the rest. In about a week or so we’ll tally all the entries, and pick a random winner. Only one rule, that your nominee is a surfcaster.
Happy Veterans Day to all, and thank you all for your sacrifice and bravery.

Thanks to Mr Doyle for his generous donation and Vinny from C&R Surfcasting Gear for making a kick-ass one of a kind bag.You can visit C&R Surfcasting Gear on Facebook and like their page while you at it. Here is the link

Here is a short little video so you can get a better visual just how gorgeous this bag is and more pictures. I hope i can do it justice

YouTube Preview Image








New issue of SJ and Veterans Day giveaway preview

Tommy is putting finishing touches on the new issue of the Surfcaster’s journal magazine. We expect the issue to debut in few days.
On Veterans Day we are going to have a special giveaway here on the blog to honor all our veterans. Surfcaster’s Journal subscriber Gerard Doyle graciously and sleeks donated a special surf bag that he won in the raffle. He wanted it to go to deserving veteran surfcaster and he wanted us to help him make this possible. Its a special bag made by C&R Surfcasting, you can visit them on

Thanks to Gerard and thanks to C&R Surfcasting for making such an awesome bag.


We are also giving away a special performance hoodie from DEEP but you are running out of time to enter. We are picking a winner on the Sunday but you must enter on our Facebook page. The post is pinned to the top of our page and all relevant info is there. Go, make one click and enter

Here is the link


And last but not least, a new book by SJ columnist John I-can-catch-a-fish-in-a-roadside-puddle Skinner is now available. I am uncomfortable giving you my review because I am acting as a distributor for John who self published the book. I told John to send a copy to Dave Anderson for a review. All I will say is, that in my opinion, its the best book ever written on the subject. And might have the best damned cover on any book on surf fishing ever. That’s is. It is available in our online store as off today (you can click HERE) also at your local tackle shops. Just about every tackle shop in Northeast has received an advance copy so when you ask for it, they will know what you are talking about. Many SJ partners have it including Fisherman’s Headquarters, The Surfcaster, East End Tackle, Saltwaters tackle and they are on the way to River’s End. Also on Amazon and John’s book website


The Midnight Rambler – Sharing the Stoke


The Midnight Rambler

John Papciak


Sharing the Stoke


“stoked” – adjective – to be “stoked” is to be completely and intensely enthusiastic, exhilirated, or excited about something.  To be in a state of happiness, excitement, anticipation, pride, and optimism. Word used often in Southern California by most surfers and skateboarders. (Urban Dictionary)


Surfcasters don’t really have a word for this, so as much as it might pain a reader or two, I’ll use it here.


Surfcasting used to be a much more solitary and secretive sport. That’s what the Old Farts (ahem, Old Salts) will tell us anyway.  If you caught fish, you never said how or where.


Well, that’s not exactly true either. Surfcasters always talked. They might not have told you the truth, but they talked. They most often fed you a complicated mixture of truth and fiction. And just like the Oscar Meyer Bologna of the day, it was up to you decide if you really wanted to consume it – but good luck trying to figure out exactly what was in there.


But even as a teenager in the 70s, fishing Sea Bright and Sandy Hook NJ, I picked up on this complicated game. Someone would let you in on their hot little tip, in hopes that you’d spill some of your own beans.


Voice in head  ”…Geez Mister, thanks for that awesome pile of horse sh*t information, now let me dish an even bigger load of my own…”  but at least I smiled and acted the part.


Anyway, it can make you stop and wonder why a newbie would ever take an interest in surfcasting. Let’s see… you’ll be doing this in the middle of the night.. you’ll be sleep deprived most days… you’ll be wet and cold… once you get really into it, you’ll be sleeping in your truck … you might go for days without a shave or a shower…you’ll smell like fish… and when you don’t smell like fish, your clothes will smell like mildew… so no, the chicks will NOT be digging YOU.


But somewhere along the way, surfcasting as we know it, has come to appeal to a small but sizeable segment of the general population – mostly male, but not all. That population is actually quite small, but if you were to visit Montauk over a Columbus Day weekend, you’d beg to differ.


Sure, a very large segment of the population would LIKE to go surfcasting, and many have gone once or twice, but those who have vowed to becoming proficient in the sport is really quite small. And I’d bet most readers would just as soon keep it that way!


But despite all the negatives mentioned above, there’s a raw connection to the ocean and the wild that can never be matched on a Links Golf Course. (That’s what many of the men in my age group seem to get most excited about). It’s that connection and ability to interact with striped bass, in the water and in a wetsuit, that I find so very appealing. 

I could say that actually catching a fish is not important, but that’s not true. If I go for a few trips without catching a fish I get cranky just like everybody else. But it IS different from other types of fishing, like boat fishing. Surfcasting IS much more rewarding. And for me, fly fishing in the surf even more so.


But getting back to an earlier topic, the secrecy versus sharing thing is a bit of a surfcasting conundrum, even for me.


I mostly fish alone. It’s not that I want it that way. But it’s often just too complicated to fish with others. First we have to negotiate where we will fish. And then I have to lobby for why I want to fish where I want to fish. And then I have to go into my reasoning, and then some of that is probably because of my log book or gut feel. Some may be based on additional information that I’d rather not get into. And then there’s the pressure that MY suggested game plan doesn’t pan out. Or worse, if it works out really well, I’ll be fighting for casting room the next 10 weeks.


Sure, sometimes it’s easy. The place is agreed based on some clear-cut reason, or maybe a whole bunch of people are meeting up there, and its more a big social thing than a serious fish-hunting thing. And that’s cool, we should all make room for those kinds of trips. Maybe even end it off with a big beach bonfire and BBQ.


But the conundrum is that, for me at least, its a solitary pursuit, but the sport can go flat without a little bit of outside influence and enthusiasm.


Most of us do need to “share the stoke,” at least once in a while. Sure, you get to compare gear, talk about your favorite lures, and as much as we think we know it all, you learn something whenever you fish with someone new.


But above all, the stoke is complete when you feel as if you are looking into the mirror. You immediately recognize the energy and enthusiasm – someone who is not yet jaded, and quite willing to take one more cast. They might not know the spots cold, and be plugged into the INTEL, but they are more than willing show up at 3:00 am, prepared to give it their best, even though the reports have been pretty bad, and the latest NOAA marine forecast is even worse.


Even when the day calls for a skunk, I think we all need to set aside a day or two each year to share the stoke. Me anyway.



Case in point was a small fly fishing get-together a number of us did back on October 18th in Montauk. A great day to share the stoke.



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List of winners, ASMFC and other stuff

Let me get to the winners of past week giveaway. All winners, you have 5 business days to contact us with your shipping address at

First, we got three winter of Gibbs Pro Series Lures

The first winner who will walk away with A Pro Series Rainbow Canal Special 3.5 ounce Pencil Popper is

The Second winner will get a Pro Series Black Scale 3.5 ounce Glider is


And a third winner gets for his entry a Pro Series Yellow Canal Special 3.5 ounce Pencil Popper is


Very nice, congrats to all winners and thank you to Gibbs Lures for making this possible. You can check out their entire line of lures at

Next, winner of halloween Super Strike Scary Needlefish giveaway is

Congrats and thank you Steve and Don Musso for making this possible too. you can check out Super Strike at

2014 FB halloween

Speaking of Halloween, I hope many of you have managed to get out on the Holloween at some point during that wicked NE wind. There was good fishing to had from Montauk down to Jersey. Real good fishing. How do i know? I read it on FB like the rest of you 

Funny how we came from a sport that was on “need to know” basis for what seems like ever to one when every bite in on FB before the fish is landed. lol….If you remember Continue reading