Win a Halloween Scary Super Strike Needlefish

Happy Halloween Everyone !
Over the weekend we’ll announce the winners of Gibbs Lures giveaway but for today we got something special from Super Strike Lures
Steve Musso asked me if I wanted to give our blog readers a chance to win one of two of these special Halloween Super Strike Needlefish lures he made and I said does bear sh*! in the woods?
The second one Steve is giving away on his Facebook page. Of course if you are their fan on FB you should enter there too.
So here is your chance and we’ll make this short and sweet, both giveaway winners announced on Sunday. new issue is coming ip as is John Skinner brand new book release and yes, the powers that be decided that 1@ 28 coastwise is the right approach to managing striped bass.
Enjoy your Halloween, if you got little ones, soak up that excitement. They grow up too fast2014 FB halloween

Surf Plugology

I know that if i tell you , this is a MUST read material for and surfcaster and give you a link, some of you will click, most of you wont. So instead and I am featuring the Surf Plugology on the Blog here and urging you to visit bassdozer site at Particularly the Saltwater Article section. Russ “Bassdozer” might be a bass master these days in Arizona but at one point he was part of Campo’s Crew I believe that wreck havoc on beaches from NY to Cape. You might not be a history buff but there is a WORLD of information within these descriptions.

Enjoy and visit Russ site at

Surf Plugology
Metal Lip Swimmers, Plastic Lip Minnows, Needlefish, Darters, Topwaters and More

By Russ Bassdozer

This story provides information on striper surf plugs that were used during the heyday of striper surf fishing in the Northeast. Striper surf fishing hit its peak from the mid-seventies to the mid-eighties, which is about how long these plugs have been in storage. Many of these plugs are over twenty-five years old. Most are no longer made. This is a collection of plugs that you cannot normally buy off a tackle shop wall any more. I have guarded these closely, but feel it’s time to open the treasure chest, the spoils of saltwater campaigns, and share the booty with other surf anglers and plug collectors who may appreciate hearing about some of these legacies, thereby keeping the fascination of surf lore and surf lure collecting alive and handed down from generation to generation.

Before we get on to the actual lures, let’s tarry a bit upon what was happening with surf fishing back then. It was the heyday, the golden age of this sport. There was great fishing all up and down the striper coast, and there were great striper anglers dispersed along the coast also. These were guys who plied sections of New Jersey, the west end of Long Island, the western Sound, the Connecticut side of Long Island Sound, Montauk, and Point Judith and Jamestown, Rhode Island to name a few of the more proactive angler areas. Even the Cape Cod Canal was a different culture and group than the Cape Cod Outer beach gangs, of which there were several. There were maybe 2-3 dozen key guys – point persons shall we say – who came into play. In most cases, these guys were the proactive agents in surf clubs or the heavy hitters among gangs of surf anglers. Usually, they were associated with a group, held a high reputation within a region, even if they were only known to a bunch who fished together within that region. Mostly, these were isolated theaters of bass fishing, yet some of the top guys traveled around or got to know their peers in other regions. A few truly became luminaries, legends, shining stars of surfdom, and had camps of followers, almost entourages. So when I say 2-3 dozen guys up and down the coast, they are really like the representatives of 2-3 dozen clubs or gangs or tribes of guys.

Now, the Cape – Cape Cod – was a Mecca, a magnet that attracted the best and brightest – and most all of the hot shots strung along the coast line – these guys made pilgrimages to journey to the holy sands of Cape Cod. The Cape always had great fishing – but it never reached mind-blowing proportions until the mid-seventies, and it truly became the surf fishing equivalent of Camelot for a brief and shining moment in the late seventies. But prior to the mid-seventies, the Cape was more of a casual thing, more of an avid angler’s vacation retreat – and more of an individual or family thing versus a large group or surf clan kind of thing.

By the mid-seventies, when the sand eels and the super-run of cows came to the Cape, all that was to change. The run of fish on the Cape beaches in the late seventies was Continue reading

New video and all SJ gear back in stock

Few announcements and new video

First, the SJ store is back to being fully restocked. All sizes of SJ Mermaid shirts including 3XL, New long Sleeve Night Crew T’s, All short sleeve Night Crew are back in stock and yes, Nigh Crew Zipped hoodies are back after a long delay. We have only few 100 % SJ wool hats left, there seems to be a run on those suckers this week. I guess a cold spell ? We’ll give you guys a first shot on all gear.








In bad news department, Canon has returned my XA10 camera as unrepairable. Too much corrosion damage to main board to be fixed is what they say. Real bummer as not only is the most expensive camera I ever bought but it was a gift from Da Wife. I guess we should expect that being around the water and all. Still a bummer


and last but not least, a new video from SJ reader Steve Gallant

He is currently working on a short surfcasting film project that encompasses all the best footage he has gathered this year as well as hopefully some quick interviews with the guys he fishes with and folks from the local tackle shop in between fishing action. He just finished a quick teaser trailer and is shooting to have the finished product (about 15-20 minutes long) done sometime around the holidays.

Win Three Pro Series lures from Gibbs Lures

A special giveaway today on the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine Blog from a company whose lures have been fooling stripes for half a century, Gibbs Lures. As you read in the recent interview in the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine with Matthew Smalley, Gibbs Lure Co has undergone many changes over the years, Their new Pro Series feature VMC Hooks, , glass eyes, improve finish, Wolverine Split Rings and Spro swivels. I am glad to see Gibbs Lure continue in the tradition of late lure inventor Stan Gibbs, whose designs are probably the most influential ever in the sport of surf fishing in the northeast. Visit Gibbs lures at

Today we are going to give three of a our readers a chance to win one Pro Series Gibbs Lure each

A Pro Series Rainbow Canal Special 3.5 ounce Pencil Popper

A Pro Series Black Scale 3.5 ounce Glider

A Pro Series Yellow Canal Special 3.5 ounce Pencil Popper


A Pro Series Rainbow Canal Special 3.5 ounce Pencil Popper


A Pro Series Black Scale 3.5 ounce Glider


A Pro Series Yellow Canal Special 3.5 ounce Pencil Popper


Stop the rod breaking madness

Public Service Anouncement :-)

by our Rod Guru, Lou Caruso

In the last 3 weeks I have now heard of at least 14 rods snapping. This is the most I have heard of in any one season, especially so early in the fall run. It is not one particular brand either. It runs the gamut. Lami, both GSB and Super Surf, CTS, St Croix, Fiber Star you name it. No one has been spared.

A few quick tips and I’m back on the beach.

1 – STOP high sticking !!!!!!!! That means if you have a fish under the light, don’t think you can lift a fish up by the rod instead of going down the rocks and grabbing the leader

2 – Follow number one if you are up on a jetty fishing…. Remember, you change the angle to the water drastically when you are up on the rocks either under the light or atop a jetty fishing. This causes high sticking by default.

3 – Make sure of what is behind you when casting. You would not be the first to hook a rock or fence behind you when casting. The outcome is never good when this happens.

4 – If you are fishing a 2 piece rod make sure the rod is together tight. I have seen what appears to be a rod that twisted on the cast and exploded, also a rod that snapped at the ferrule. These are usually indicators that the rod was not tightly together. It can also happen if you are a side caster and twist the rod following through the cast.

5 – Like it or not, if you snap cast you stand a good chance of snapping a rod at some point…..The compression of the cast will eventually take it’s toll on the blank.

6 – This one is easy to remedy, watch what the hell you are doing with car doors, windows and rear hatches…   In the heat of battle it becomes too easy to loose track of where the tip of the rod is …..nuff said.

With all that being said, if you have been using a rod for more then a week or 2 and snap it, it’s most likely not a manufacture defect. It’s user error. There have now been many tests done on blanks to determine how a blank snap. There tests have been done in slow motion and the results recorded and published. Be honest with your builder or tackle shop where you purchased the rod.


That’s it for now.

Lou Caruso

New Montauk Nor’easter video from September 24th storm

For those of you who have Montauk fever, my attempt at Skinnerlicious video. Not that great, hell, I might never get where he is but I try

New video from a nor’easter two weeks ago

Hope all you guys are catching


YouTube Preview Image


The winners of the  Mackerel Super Strike Darters giveaway from my personal stash are

Eliot Ray


Greg C




A Must See new video for surfcasters

I am not much of a person who throws around a  “must see”  designation unless name Kate Upton is part of that sentence. There are very few ” must see” videos on You Tube, but there is one that was posted yesterday that will become a “must see” for every surfcaster.

Produced by Surfcaster’s Journal former contributor and one of the sharpest minds ever to make a cast into the ocean, Rich Trox.

This is from what I can see a first video in his series, I watched it in one sitting and can honestly say that it made me a better educated surfcaster after 9 minutes of watching

Great job Rich and we are looking forward to more installments of “TroxVision ”

YouTube Preview Image

Two new videos and thoughts on casting in the storms

We had a share of hard winds last two weeks. I was hoping to show in the video “Skinner style” exactly what I mean but my Cringlish skills are not up to par for voiceovers. So here is just one thought.

We found last night most drive on beaches closed due to storm tides. We ended up fishing in some very, very crazy white water almost tailored made for bottle plugs and bucktails. Fortunately the wind laid down for about two hours so we haven’t had issue with loop in the line but that wasn’t the case many of times during last two weeks.

No contact with a plug = no fish. Simple as that. If you have a strong crosswind, you will get some bow in your line. You cant avoid it. Even if you reel like madman by the time you regain contact your plug will be where the waves or sweep took it, not where you intended to cast. Here is one key (there are other like directional casting, under wind casting and others but this one is the most important).

Get the line on the roller and start reeling BEFORE your plugs hits the water, day or night. Yes, it takes a little practice but it will make HUGE difference in your success rate. In the daytime, you can use visual, trying the pick up line and start reeling about a second before it hits the water. That way you will have a line on the reel and picking up the bow in the line before the plug even hits the water. At night, I use the “sound” of the line coming off the reel. I can tell when it stops “whooshing” off the reel which tells me its just about to land in water. Try it during the next storm, it will make a tremendous difference in the way and where you present your plug.


Two new videos (yes, we been busy)

Wayne and Peter Hess, makers of Guppy Lures. Read a full interview in the current, September issue of the Surfcaster’s Journal Online Magazine. The opening sequence vodeo clip delicious looking bluefish credit goes to ZeeBaaS Ron DiCostanzo who shot this in the Sound last week

YouTube Preview Image

Second video, new PENN Battle II spinning reel, winner of the Best Saltwater Reel at this year ICAST 2014 in Orlando. $99 to $129, in stores this fall
YouTube Preview Image

Mackerel Super Strike Darters Giveaway

The SJ crew enjoyed some real nice action last night with some teen size bass and some gorilla blues. Of course there are no pictures of me, as I am the only one who runs around trying to take everyone’s picture. But then again, in all honesty my fish were smaller than anyones’ else. No joke. All the fish came on Super Strike Darters and I think Tommy had one blue that was close to 18 and one at 17 or something like that. I think I’ve seen a dozen of blues over 15 pounds beached and they were spitting out HALF of adult bunker,


yh65yIn honor of the greatest (imho) darter ever made, I will give away two Super Strike Darters from

my personal stash. Two winners, each gets one darter of my choice

Thank you Don and Steve Musso for making such awesome lures