Storm Fishing Part II

First some good news/bad news mix

The good news

Winner of the Bomber Long Shot lures giveaway is Montauk Gal

Congrats and thanks to people from Bomber Lures. The winner has 5 days to contact us at

















Bad new is that my Canon XA-10 camera went to craper last weekend in Montauk. Trying to get a footage in pouring rain is not a good idea I guess. Its really bugging me as it was a gift from my wife and most expensive piece of video gear I ever purchased. Its on the way to Cannon but it looks like water got in and that means it might be done. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to fish the rest of the fall. Sorry guys, I thought we had stuff lined up for you watch this winter













Part II

After not making any headway for awhile I finally got the fish to move. It was zooming up and down the cove, using the pushing current against me. I would have swore it was snagged but no, a 17 pounder hooked in the mouth. Never got my ass kicked liked that before by a teen size fish. But then again, that fish looked like it could have eaten all other fish I caught that day.

I got to Camp Hero around 5 after feeding Silver Fox with some pizza. Poor guy was coming down with a cold and he passed out in his van in the short order. I could have too, after walking for miles and casting my butt off, but I told him I will take a peak at south side first .

As I got to Camp Hero tide was just about the start flooding. Those perched on lead rocks on the reef in right position were all hooked up as long as they were in proper relation to the way water was breaking. The other half just looked and scratched their heads. I said screw it, might as well suit up again for the fourth time and I drove to lower parking lot. Within ten minutes I was on the lead rock in front of rat hole banging little tiny bass. I think I got nine before again, the bite inexplicably shut off. At this point the sun has set and I jumped off the rock and waded to my car. Fully dressed I drove to the weed bowl, grabbed a rod and went under the bluff.

There I found Mr. Surf Guide Bill Wetzel and his charter. After exchanging pleasantries I let Bill take the better rock, courtesy to old-timers is important..haha

I managed three more tiny fish in about a hundred cast before I retired for the evening and went to Vito’s cottage to watch Giants demolish Washington. By 10 PM I was back in the lot, sleeping in my truck, convinced that bigger fish will be there in the dark in the morning. Or at least I was told that

We shall see

Friday morning I made sure I grabbed my rock of choice early in the dark. I managed 3 fish before it got light and then two fish afterwards but by dawn the lousy bite was totally done. I grabbed a cup of coffee and walked deep into the south side. I swore that the water looked BETTER then yesterday. But the sun was out and wind was dying. I managed a schoolie in the cove and then went onto a reef where I spent a good two hours casting into the craziest white water without a bump. Finally in early afternoon I gave up , grabbed a snack and went to Camp Hero. Vito and Frankie were plying their craft at the rat hole and after getting dared by Vito to take my drone out in the still windy conditions, I did. I bothered them for a little bit by zooming it around their heads until I was joined by Ron D from ZeeBaaS Reels. I asked him if he was fishing or taking pictures and he said he’d like to fish. All right then, I put the gear back on and we walked into the south side at sunset. At first spot we got our asses kicked and could not hold rocks on incoming swells. I really was not that confident that we would find any fish but Ron was a guest so off we went. We followed great Vito’s advice to “fish the corners” and sure enough Ron landed a feisty striper on a bucktail. At this point I was shot and done and could have gone to dinner BUT the sight of his fish got me all worked up. I switched to a lighter bucktails and managed to nail 6 fish within an hour by just letting waves carry my bucktail into the cove. I unhooked each fish without a light. We were standing on a sandy beach and guys were constantly passing by, no doubt, looking for The Fisherman or Paulies tourney winner. Around 9 o’clock my bucktail got walloped and when I set the hook I told Ron “this is better fish that we been catching, at least I know my drag is functional”


It took a little effort to get it out of rocks in front of us and the heave did not help either but I landed it with no issues, just a hair short of 20 pounds. Few shots with camera and off in the drink it went. We cast a little bit, then onto Murphy’s for a dinner and then sleep. We actually got up and rushed to Kings for sunrise, figuring we might get some shots when we found not a SINGLE guy fishing the first of the incoming. That was strange. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that in the fall.

But that’s it. I had video but it went to hell with my camera and now I will be on pins and needles until Canon calls me. And sick as a dog to boot. Where is that DayQuill?

Until next Nor’easter



Storm fishing

I just had to call in dead at work on Thursday and Friday. The forecast looked so enticing, 25 mph northeast wind gusting to 35, rain, 6 to 9 foot waves….. I could barely sleep the night before. Actually I did not sleep at all. My plan was to head to Montauk on Thursday after work but I could hold it out that long, so Wednesday afternoon after work I was on my way with Silver Fox


I have not fished much this year for myriad of reasons but if you called me and told me you found giant bass on bunker schools and they were talking pencil poppers I would be mildly interested. I only tossed a plug once this year at Cuttyhunk in May due to my fear of blowing out my elbow again. I been fishing nothing but bucktails and I got VERY proficient in catching nothing this year……………..back to Montauk. You can call me, tell me about a bite, guarantee me some big fish and I probably would try to come to document it with camera. You tell me that the winds are out of northeast and all I will catch are rats…and I would be on my way before you can say “Got pork rind”


I cant explain but playing a part in the incredible show Mother Nature puts on is exhilarating and borders almost on verge of insanity. I feel so alive and pumped up, just like a bass when you hook in that highly oxygenated water. It goes berserk……… I cant explain but to say that I never feel more alive then staring at hard northeast in the teeth when rain is coming down sideways, where it stings your face and you keep firing your bucktails into the frothy mess. I know I am weird that way. I have other hang ups besides that like you cant get me out of the wetsuit in Cuttyhunk. There are very few rocks I wont swim to , few which take a good twenty minutes to half an hour to get to. Montauk? I don’t think I wore a wetsuit in Montauk in at least ten years or so.


For the life of me I cant understand few wetsuiters who think they sucked God’s brains when they barge in water like bulls only to get pummeled by waves in few seconds. Every time they leave with tails between their legs. Every time. There is time to impress those around you by getting ahead of us old farts and cutting out our casting lanes, but during nor’easter we actually do care if you get hurt. Its one of those rare times we don’t want to hurt you ourselves. So grow up and be a man and fish like the rest of us, with an idea of going home to your family in one piece. Wetsuits are an awesome fishing tool but it seems like they make some amongst us go a little too adventurous. Or maybe I am just getting old


Thursday morning I awoke to stinging rain and rocking NE wind in the parking lot of Montauk State Park. I wanted to get into water just at false dawn although as I found out later, I should have fished in the dark. The water has built up over night and waves were powerful but easily fishable……if you used a bucktails of right size of course. I loaded the TA pouch with 6 bucktails and few leaders, grabbed a CTS Vapor trail and ZB 27 and off I went. I found few guys already perched on few rocks under the bluffs while UPS Rich was walking out a low teen size bass out of the water. Promising I told myself.

Few minutes later I fired up my first cast, quickly took in all my slack line and was immediately greeting by a bump on which I set a hook.

God, I love to fish in this crazy weather

On first eight casts I hooked eight fish. Unfortunately if you put them all on scale together they barely would crack 30 pounds. Small, tiny, rats, November bass, call them what you want but this was in no way “normal”. Unless this is new normal?

After 8th fish in the row the action shuts down complexly. Now this was weird, there was still few hours of prime tide left yet the fish vacated the premises. You cant catch what’s not there so I checked the south side. Not much doing there so I returned to the north side and made few hundred more casts on last of the incoming in gorgeous looking white water for nothing. Supposedly fish were there in the dark. I just got onto tail end.


Around 10 am , knowing that my camera skills are useless in a pouring rain and seeing that everyone just about gave up on casting I walked deeeeeep into south side as our resident Montauk expert Bill Wetzel likes to call it. I fished the reef on dropping tide and there looked to be no blue water in sight. The whole reef was one frothy mess of waves colliding and rushing towards me. The dropping tide, pushed by NE winds was moving water over the reef so fast, I was afraid that I might get swept in the cove as I waded to the first rock. But that water begged to be fished !

Of course once you finally get your ass beaten by the ocean and you finally get on a rock, you see an even BETTER rock right ahead of you. Its maddening. I cast for an hour in best looking water I’ve seen in years and nothing. On the way to South Side I ran into SJ Rod Guru Lou Caruso who was walking out. I think he told me he had one rat all morning. I thought of this after I made a cast after cast after cast. Then I said, screw this, I am making ten more casts and I am out of here. Its going to take me at least an hour to get to my truck and then get something to eat.

First seven casts were as productive as a hundred or so before but on the eight cast I managed to entice a schoolie to eat it. Ok, now I got to make few more casts. In the next hour I managed 8 more fish, seven tiny, tiny stripers and then I hooked into a fish I could not budge. The water was spilling so fast over the reef that once you hooked a 5 pounder in the cove, it felt like you had a twenty pounder. My first impression was that I snagged the fish in the back as I could not make any headway with line retrieval


part II coming up

Two new videos


two new SJ videos
while I get my bearings back together to get some coherent thoughts on Montauk, here are two new SJ videos
First, The Striper of a Lifetime- with Manny Moreno
YouTube Preview Image
and a first look at new PENN Battle II , winners of Best Saltwater reel at this year ICAST in Orlando
YouTube Preview Image

Montauk craziness, new SJ Mermaid and Night Crew Long sleeve shirts finally in stock

I am back from trip from Montauk and hopefully I will get few minutes of time during the week to put thoughts together. Yes I looked at the forecast of Gale NE winds and I called in dead. Yes, there were fish and boy were they……….tiny!. Holy crap I was not expecting that!

Anyway, got some thought, got some videos to cut during the week but first I need a little family time, which always comes first


Here is a picture of my friend Adam under the light, a lot of hairy moments there this weekend


Here is a my buddy Rich about to get swallowed by a wave


and also. few minutesa go  I added these new redesigned SJ Mermaid shirts to our online store at Limited stocks and Tommy redesigned the back from Long Island to Forever Dedicated . You guys get the first shot at them tonight


Also, the new Night Crew Long Sleeve shirts are finally in stock. I know many of you have asked.


more thoughts on Montauk coming up…

Game fish is a dirty word it seems

I spent the last few weeks fielding phone calls from “interested” parties. No idea how otherwise to call them, but they all seemed to want to know where we stand on the new striped bass proposed regulations. These are all “recreational” fellows under this or that umbrella. And I would finish every conversation by same question, asking them what is their opinion of why for-hire fleet and “recreational industry” in general is always skittish about even broaching the subject of game fish for striped bass. Not that game fish status is something I spend a lot of time thinking about, but I been curious for a long time why there is no love from recreational “industry”

Now lets make one thing clear. People say game fish status for striped bass does not do a damned thing for conservation. All it does is take fish to be consumed from one user group (commercials) and gives them to other (recreational).There is A LOT of truth to that. If resources are just relocated from one user group to another, then yes, game fish or no-sale for stripers does not conserve a single bass. Game fish inn itself in NOT conservation measure

However, I have heard from numerous sources in last few weeks, including at ASMFC hearing that poaching in NY might be BIGGER than a whole commercial quota! I am naïve, I never thought poaching was a BIG problem but according to those who know better, it’s a big problem in NY.

Be that as it may, my question on why there is zero support from recreational ” industry” was purely academic. For the life of me I could not understand why would not a charter or party boat support game fish for striped bass. They are as they call themselves a “taxi service for the recreational anglers”. They transport those who cant to fishing grounds and provide opportunity for them to fish.

In case you are confused what game fish status is, it simply means no commercial sale. There are still size, limits and seasonal restrictions to every recreational angler. Just like they are on snook and redfish in Florida. You can catch it, you can eat it. You just cant sell it. Which alone would destroy all the poachers. Or at least most of them. But again, this has nothing to do with me wanting to take fish away from someone’s plate or impede commercial guys from making a living.

No, my question always was, for years now , why there is no support from people that would actually BENEFIT from game fish status? After all, if striped bass could only be caught and kept by recreational anglers, then there would be a bigger pot from which for-hire fleet would be able to draw. More fish per customer, lower sizes, what is the downside?

So I am sitting at the ASMFC hearing on striped bass in Stony Brook and I listen to for-hire fleet captains and then it hit me! According to testimony of many of them, they are not only “taxi to recreational anglers” BUT they also hold commercial striped bass tags! Now I get it! Why hasn’t someone filled me in on this before, its so simple. I feel like such an ass for never even considering this.

The same people you and I call our “allies” in protecting this fish we so adore are also commercial fishermen for the same species. How do you like that? Does recreational organizations that these for-hire captains fund and belong to, and who support them know that they are actually representing commercial fisherman at the same time? The non-naive part of me would have to say yes.

This has nothing to do with right or wrong. I don’t think there is right or wrong here. You do stuff that is legal, even if that means you are a surfcaster and you take your “legal” limit home every day, its ok with me. It might not be ethical, I might not agree with it but it is legal. And I am a big believer in respecting the existing laws. So these for-hire recreation/commercial charter boat captains are not doing anything wrong. But did you ever consider that they are also commercial striped bass fisherman? I never did but then again, I am naïve. We tend to separate for hire fleet from commercial guys but maybe we shouldn’t? Of course they are not going support any stinking game fish bill. They will not be able to commercially fish for bass if that happens

There are a TON for hire and party boat captains that do not hold any commercial licenses. The Montauk Mosquito fleet, the ones surfcasters most detest when they get between them and the blitzing fish are actually the most conservation minded. We’ve seen that at the hearings and we known that for years. Yeah, they will always be annoying with their run-and-gun fly fishing between you and fish, but at least take comfort that your feelings on conservation and health of the species is in line with theirs. They won’t drop off their customers after preaching about conservation to them and then go pin-hooking!

I contacted DEC for a full list of all commercial striped bass tags holders. I thought it would be neat to have it accessible to all. Don’t bet on DEC responding to my request with any urgency..haha

But seriously, for the first time in my life I clearly understand why many for-hire captains do not support even conversation about game fish status. Sometimes I am a little slow, but even a slow poke gets there in time.

Win Two Bomber Saltwater Grade Long Shot lures

We got another giveaway for you guys but first few announcements

The winner of the KVD Braid Pliers, Lanyard and Sheath giveaway is Steven McDonald

You have 5 days to contact us at with your shipping address. Congratulation


This is something I just put on our Facebook page. If you would like to nominate your deserving veteran, please do it on SJ Facebook page, not here on the blog

A Surfcaster’s Journal subscriber wanted to honor our service personnel by purchasing Five subscriptions to the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine and instructing us to award them to five deserved surfcasters. He prefers to remain anonymous, his only reason was to acknowledge the sacrifice these man and women have made to keep us and our children safe from harm .You must nominate either an active or retired member of the armed forced. All the other info is on our FB page at


Ok, for today’s giveaway.

I have a set of new Bomber “Long Shot” lures from Bomber. Our thanks to people at Bomber for providing today’s giveaway prizes. I think its safe to say that more striped bass fell victims to the wiggle of Bomber lures over the last few decades than probably all other plastic swimmers combined.

These are new for 2014

Here is a description from Bomber website

The Bomber Saltwater Grade Long Shot

The Bomber Saltwater Long Shot slender minnow bait was engineered to maximize four main characteristics that make up a fish-catching machine. First, an internal weight transfer system allows the rattle to roll to the tail end of the bait on the cast, then rolls back into position when the lure hits the water. That, along with the aerodynamic shape that cuts through the air, makes for super-long-distance casts even into a stiff wind. Next, the Long Shot’s wide swimming action mimics a damaged baitfish – a strike trigger for all species of gamefish. Another characteristic that sets the Bomber Saltwater Grade Long Shot apart from the rest are the color patterns and decoration that are regionally specific. Whether you’re fishing the Gulf off the Texas coast or big waters anywhere, there’s a color pattern that fits your needs. Finally, if you’ve created a lure that big saltwater fish want to eat, it better be strong enough to handle the battle, time-after-time, and the Long Shot is up to the task. It comes equipped with 4x Saltwater hooks and heavy duty hardware.


The winner will recive a 7 inch, 1 3/4 oz Bomber Long Shot lure in Menhaden pattern


and a 5 inch , 3/4 ounce Bomber Long Shot in Baby Blue Fish pattern


New issue, new video and yes, those darn mermaid shirts

First, I’d like to thank so many of you that stopped by our table last night at the Fisherman Surf Show and told us how much you like what we do. And thanks to our friends at The Fisherman Magazine for having us. We always have a great time but last night was particularly hectic…I wonder if it had something to do with hot mermaid on some garment?

Speaking of mermaids, we have few (very limited stock) shirts left . Whatever is left, few of each size is in our online store now at I wanted the blog readers have a first shot at them before the FB crazies clean us out. Yes, we will be remaking them. You can click on and it will take you to the online store. I will apologize ahead of time if we run out but we will take care of you guys, that I promise. L44769 L44768We also made these new long sleeve Night Crew shirts for the first time. But they sold out in a lot of sizes. Large and I think few others are gone. We had few left and they are up in the store now too but they will be coming down on weekend and we’ll put it back up one we remake them.L44772 long





Another giveaway on the weekend and winner of KVD pliers. And I know that you are aware that new issue of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine is live at If you are a subscriber. log in and enjoy. If your subscription has expired, log into your account and update your credit card info. I will be working all day today on activating and renewing subscriptions from last night show. Tommy told me issues, 24,25,26,27 can now be viewed with an APP. We are committed to make all issues app compatible


And last but not least…a little short video of what our crazy Fly Fishing columnist John Papciak does with a fly rod (and a regular rod too) enjoy YouTube Preview Image

September issue, almost there….

New Issue of the Surfcaster’s Journal Online Magazine should be coming your way in the next 24 hours without any technical difficulties(legalese speak for we don’t know wtf we are doing?) Don’t forget Fisherman Surf Show on Thursday, details bellow In This Issue If you’ve let your SJ sub expire or if you’ve just never pulled the trigger on one check out what we have coming in the September issue! A View From Below, we’ve all heard about those guys that go the extra mile and actually free-dive into their favorite surf spots, but have you ever done it? We’ve all thought about it! Rhode Island surfcaster John Lee has taken on the task and has quickly become addicted! There’s so much to see from concentrations of bait to fish highways to ledges you never even knew existed! Beyond that you’ll gain a new understanding of how the fish relate to structure, what makes one spot better than another and where the fish we all really want to catch hang out—here’s a little clue, a lot of times it’s shallower than you think! A Call To Action, whether you’re a seasoned vet of the surf or if you’re still wet behind the ears the resounding call among striper fishermen is that there is something amiss with the striper fishery. Many sharp anglers have been very vocal about a slow decline for years and now we’re starting to see holes in the fishery which is one of the strongest harbingers of a collapse. Ross Squire is a Long Island angler who has been leading the charge for change within the management system for stripers. He breaks down the latest ASMFC addendum, gives you the ammo to speak up at a meeting or to write a poignant letter to your state’s representatives and makes simple sense of the hang-ups that need to be addressed within the addendum; included with the article is the contact information for every representative on the East Coast. If you love striper fishing now is the time to speak your mind—read along with Ross and then write a letter, today! Fall On The Turnpike, the Jersey Shore is often forgotten when it comes to Fall fishing in fact many of the surfcasters in New Jersey seem to pack it in too early! Tom Kosinski is a hard-working surfman from The Garden State and he lays out a battle plan for the transition from September to December. If you follow his game plan and stick with the method you can find fish right through New Year’s and do it while a lot of the other supposed hardcore guys are working on rounding out their holiday sow-bellies! If that doesn’t make you feel you good, you should check your pulse! The Plug Bag Conundrum, when you’re working the surf, conditions, available bait, wind and terrain are in constant flux—especially in the fall. How many times have you set yourself up for one situation and then found yourself faced with something completely different and unexpected? One of the downsides of traveling via your hooves is that you can only carry so much before your disks start to bark! Surf veteran DJ Muller has a plan that will help you straighten things out and be prepared for almost anything without the need for a Cortisone shot. Have you ever heard on someone catching a 50 on their hand? In our new multi-author column Teddy Menard details the night he watched an angler do the unthinkable, check out The Last Wave to read a story that you’ll retell several times as if you were actually there! Have you ever wondered about the best night a legendary angler has ever had? We asked “Crazy” Alberto Knie to detail his best night in the surf. In this month’s installment of Ask Alberto we got more than we bargained for! “Crazy” Al goes through all of the preparations, weighs out the conditions and details the reasons why he knew that the night he calls ‘the memorable slob night’ was going to be epic. In typical Alberto fashion though, he holds back on the catching which will be detailed in Part 2 coming this November! And there’s a lot more too. This issue is packed with embedded videos, a profile of Guppy Lures and words of wisdom from all of our columnists. Check it out! New tshirt from SJ ,made for those attending Fisherman Surf Show.L44769yup..yours free if you renew at the show or subscribe($20) FishingSurfShow1411

Here is the vendor list and seminar schedule:


Paulie’s Tackle Shop
J&J Tackle
Bob’s Bait & Tackle
J&H Outlet
The Surfcaster
Saltwaters Tackle
Long Island Outdoorsman
Cow Harbor
The Worm Bar
White Water Outfitters
Capt. Kayak
Campsite Sports
Peter Cash (Vintage Penn Reels)
Bill Smith Tackle
River & Bay Outfitters
Al Gag’s Lures
Tactical Anglers
James Counts MX Plugs
24/7 Lures
Gear Up Surfcasting
Rockhopper Products
Manhattan Tackle
North Bar Lures
RuRu Lures
Guide’s Choice
CTS Rods
Van Staal
Super Strike
Cape May Tackle
Guy Cotton/Star Rods/Sea Striker
St. Croix
Century Rods
Release Reels
Wiley X/Orca Coolers/Led Lenser
Blue Frog Bucktails
Jetty Ghost
Hamson Tackle
Bill Wetzel
Mark Malenovsky
Doc Muller
Surfcasters Journal
Long Island Beach Buggy Assoc.
New York Sportfishing Federation/RFA
Montauk Surfcasters Assoc.
NY Coalition For Rec. Fishing
Town of Babylon Surf Tournament
Tom Schlichter – Marinade Express


Knot Tying – Tom Melton
Rigged Eels – Toby Lapinski
Fishing Metal – Ralph Votta
Fly Tying – Angelo Peluso / Paul McCain
Rod Building – Steve Petri
Teasers – Harvey Cooper


6:30 to 7:30 – “Crazy Alberto” Knie: Making the most of your resources to score more fish in the surf.
6:30 to 7:30 – Bill Wetzel: Montauk – Late Summer Through the Fall.
7:45 to 8:45 – Elias Vaisberg: Kayaking Jamaica Bay and other west end waters.
7:45 to 8:45 – Roy Leyva: Where Distance can make a difference/Cape Cod Canal.
9:30 to 10:30 – Al Gags: Getting the most out of soft plastics in the surf.
9:30 to 10:30 – John Paduano: Bucktailing inlets and bridges.


also, for the first time, Night Crew Long Sleeve cotton shirts ($30) L44772

First look at new PENN Spinfisher V “Long Cast” reel

I am reading the draft of new Skinner’s book on LIRR on Friday. I am shaking my head and going, ” this Is plain awesome”. It really is, you guys are going to love it, I have no doubt. I got half way though the book but when I got home one thing stuck in my head.

John is obviously brilliant. You’ve seen his videos, you’ve seen what he fishes with, you’ve heard his seminars. I believe he is a scientist by trade, with kid in Princeton University. There are no lack of brains in that family. And going by what John lays out In his book, money is not the only reason either In his choice of reels he fishes with. He says In the book his philosophy is “Buy what you need” and ” that he need is a very dependable reel”


Shall we take a look at his   choices ?


Open Beach Lamiglas 1231m PENN 706Z

Open Beach Lamiglas gsb1201l VAN STAAL 200

Back Bay and Sound PENN Regiment 7 foot PENN SSV4500

Inlet rod old Lamiglas GSB 1321M PENN SSV8500 or 706Z

Sound Lamiglas MB1083M PENN 5500SS


Some people just need a dependable reel. There is time and place for everything. The guys In wetsuits that swim to rocks and even those that wade to chest high rocks need a waterproof reel. Becouse eventually you’ll end up on your ass and be forced to quickly get up and reel your line before it gets tangled up in the rocks…..with your reel under water.


Some guys plainly dont need a waterproof reels. I would lie to you if I told you I was not suprised by how many PENN models John uses but then again, I kind of get it why. I fished with VS 150 on my 7′ St Croix Legend for years. And before that on St Croix Premier. It was always good to me. That particular model was probably the most dependeable reel I ever owned (In fairness it was never submersed). But when I thought about buying a new reel for inshore fluking that my son can use too, I thought about that. The fact that it was never wet or submerged in ten or more years I used It. Do I really need to spend that much on another 150? So I did not. I bought a $100 PENN that I been perfectly happy for the application I used It.


To each its own, we should all be glad we have so many choices

Here is a first look  video at new PENN Spinfisher V “Long Cast” model

New rotor

New Drag

New long spool

anti reverse

manual bail

only comes in 7500 model, no bail less option

hoping to do a real life test versus regular PENN Spinfisher v 7500 as soon as I get a chance.




YouTube Preview Image


John Skinner’s new book, The Fisherman Show, White Water Outfitters event and more

Today’s Blog will be a mix of news. New issue is coming after the weekend
. I just wanted to mention continually perplexing reports about low attendances at these ASMFC hearing. Why I have no idea. No excuses later if we don’t try now. Anyway, we got news from Skinner, The Fisherman and White Water. For all of you that are coming to show on Thursday, we will have brand new shirts. Unfortunately after waiting for days to get a visual i can show you I had to move along with this blog post. Update forthcoming when I get it. Check out this spiffy cover design by SJ own Tommy Corrigan
Btw…i guess with my son at college now we need anofficial video “intern”…seriously, I do need some help with basically holding camera and monitoring the sound so if someone is willing to hook up on weekends in jones beach area or during the week drop me a line at….
By John Skinner
Around 18 months ago I decided to write another book. The overwhelmingly positive response to how I did Fishing the Bucktail was a strong motivator. I decided I would use that same style to do a comprehensive brain dump on how I approach striper fishing from the shore. I also set out to acquire and organize video to support the aspects of the book that could be enhanced with video. For example, I’ll write about pencil popper fishing in great detail, but the ability for me to show you what I’m writing about and for you to watch how fish react to the technique is beyond what anyone can accomplish with the written word alone. The book’s title is “Striper Pursuit”. Its companion website,, will presents the videos organized by chapters. QR codes are embedded in the book so that people with smartphones and tablets can scan barcodes to watch videos pertaining to the portions of the book they’re reading. My targeted release date is November 1. is pretty far along, so feel free to check it out. Most of the video is in place, and the rest will be there upon the book’s release. The nice thing about having the website to support the book is that I’ll be able to add to it as I acquire additional relevant video. I’m pretty excited about the whole idea of enhancing the book’s 200+ pages with well-organized and targeted video. Here’s the first public look at the cover! Nice work by Tommy Corrigan!
White Water Outfitters…Hampton Bay NY
THE 2014 FALL KICKOFF – September 13, 2014Well folks…We are ready to have a little more fun like we did for our grand opening. Now we have the 2014 FALL KICKOFF on September 13, 2014. Come on down to White Water Outfitters for another day of fun, food, prizes/giveaways, reel and rod demos and store specials. Store opens at 5am!- 15% – 20% OFF Almost Everything In The Store
- 20% OFF Pre-Built Custom Rods
- Purchase A Van Staal and Receive 2 FREE Super Strike Lures and FREE Braid

- Purchase anything in the store and automatically receive a raffle ticket for prizes
- Win A Custom Lamiglas Surf Rod
- Win Big Game Giveaways
- Win Surfcasting Giveaways
- Win Boat Fishing Giveaways

Again….Going to be a great day to bring in the 2014 Fall Season for all fisherman. Come for food, store specials, and an overall great time!

and of course The Fisherman Show