Sebastian Inlet Part Fishing III

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As I mentioned before, I got to meet Patrik Sebile from Sebile lures, have dinner with him few times and fish with him. It was my first time meeting this lure designing legend and all I got to say is “wow”. The man is  one of the nicest people I have ever met in my life and he is obsessed with fishing more than any man I ever meet. He speaks broken Frenglish while I practice Cringlish so we got along splendidly.

The amount of knowledge this man posses about lure design and baitfish movements and reactionary strikes is astounding. We got chased by lightning one night, we fished in a  nasty rainstorms and finally we fished another night along the rocks at Sebastian Pier

Here he showed his prowess by hammering few giant snook while we watched. Unfortunately his back is not that well so he limited himself to short windows of casting but not before landing this very nice snook.kjuy

The last night we decided to try fishing “our” way by getting down on the rocks along the pier and tossing Rapala X Raps, big Sebile swimmers and Bombers too. Here we found some consistent fishing with Ron’s son landing a bull red after dark one night and bunch of very nice snook that fell for swimming plugs.'[kljg

There is a catwalk on under the bridge on both sides and of course, we found New Yorkers there, Gary The Toad in particular was there with a long net and a spotlight hooked up to generator netting big shrimp as they were carried by a wicked current.


I cant possibly tell you all the fishing opportunities that are available around this places from backside of the inlet which we never tried to pompano out front and tarpon, sheepshead and grouper and God knows what else.

For me the highlight of the tip was not fishing but going to Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral. If that place does not make you feel proud to be an American , I have no idea what will.


And yeah, my son only had one request on this trip, that I take him to Chick Fill A for the first time because as he said he “wanted to show his support” for the way they operate. Believe it or not, first time we found one was on a Sunday and they do not open on Sunday instead giving their employed a day off. Can you imagine that up here? It would never happen. The food was quite good for a fast food chain and of course I made him flag down a mascot to snap a shot.


The food was quite good for a fast food chain and of course I made him flag down a mascot to snap a shot.


If you are looking to do something else, Orlando Magic are only about an hour or so away and tickets are not that expensive, probably because they suck but we had a great time.


by the way, shrimp and grits are awesome


The funny thing is as I look back on this trip and realize that I made the same mistake that I often make on all trips to unknown. Yes, just like when you arrive in Montauk for the first time and everyone tells you that you MUST have a bucktail or a darter, sooner or later you realize that whatever you were using back home successfully, works just fine. same thing here. Pork rinds, swimming plugs, all the stuff you use at home including darters and bottle plugs are not taboo IF used in proper conditions within the structure. Unfortunately by the time you (or I should say I) come to this conclusion , the JetBlue flight was waiting.

There is always next time


Sebastian Inlet, FL surfcasting Part II

Before I continue some thoughts on Sebastian Inlet in Florida, few announcements.

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January 24, 2015

10:30 AM to 2:30 PM

Clinton CT Town Hall

54 East Main St. (Rt.1)

Clinton CT

The Connecticut Surfcasters Association is pleased to announce the fourth annual CSA Surf Extravaganza and Sale. The location is the same as last year but with more space reserved for vendors and demonstrations. The facility is located on the Indian River in Clinton and may provide for some outdoor demonstrations.
A five dollar suggested donation to the CSA will be collected at the door. Lunch consisting of our chili selection, along with hot dogs and soft drinks and coffee will be available for purchase. We will have plenty of both new and used tackle of all kinds for sale or trade.JoeBaggs Bucktails

Tank Surfcasting

Couch’s Cedar Works

Van Staal

Fluke Skywalker Fishing Arts

The Surfcaster

24/7 Lures

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Guppy Lures

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Surf Asylum Lures

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FiberStar Composites

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Surfcasters Journal

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CTS Rods

Magic Tails Bucktails

Salty’s Lures


1:00 AM – 11:30 AM: CSA Member Joe D’Agostino – Rigging Eels & Soft Plastics on Jigheads

11:30 AM – 12:00 PM: CSA Member Matt LeJeune – How to Finish a Plug Kit

12:00 PM – 12:30 PM: CSA Member Pat Vogt – Weakfish Tactics

12:30 PM – 1:30 PM: Dave Anderson – Plug Fishing Logic

1:45 PM – 2:15 PM: CSA Member Ian Skillings – Installing Grip Studs in Wading Boots

CSA club members Mike Mullen and Billy DeLizio will be doing ongoing demos throughout the day at their table regarding different techniques for crafting wooden fishing lures on a lathe.

CSA club members Bill and Debbie Goeben will be doing ongoing demos throughout the day on the finer points of saltwater fly tying.

Two, the winner of this awesome Guppy Custom SJ pencil power announced in the next blog post.


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So there I am, standing on the tip of the pier and shooting bull with a SJ fans who are hooked up onto giant reds. I am saying to myself how in the world will I land the fish if I hook one? I am twenty feet above water level. Then I watch guys lower a giant net in the water and slide fish on top of it, then hoist the fish up. Go ahead, make a cast they urge me, someone will help you.

But making a cast is not as simple as making a cast and retrieving, no Sir. You have to go thirty yards back, make  cast then jig and walk towards the tip in rotation with everyone else. Imagine 50 anglers with all kind of rods and reels walking instep and jigging. Its Crazy!

Once you get to the tip, retrieve  your line and go back thirty yards and do it again. They use synthetic  bucktails, the kind we use for parachute jigs, ones with synthetic hair with red hair blended into it. I took out my regular buck tail, added strip of pork rind and made a cast into the madness of birds and breaking fish. The outgoing current is ripping and I am having a hard time feeling bottom. For a second I am thinking I am hanged up when suddenly the bottom moves.  Mother of God , I can only describe the feeling to one being hooked to a freight train. If these fish were hooked tail to tail to a same size striper the striper would have no tail . My muscles were burning up, partially from not fishing for weeks and partially by awesome strength of the fish. I worked my way to the tip where along with few other anglers I tried to get the fish under control with very little luck. While we were fighting the fish the rotation just kept going around us. I finally made some headway and brought the fish under the pier, just enough time to see its massive shape before I pulled the hook.


You know what, I was not upset about it all. If you know me, I am not much of a “take a picture of me with a fish”  kind of a guy anyway. My son hooked into one but came unbuttoned fast. I have to ad that PENN prototype rods we were using preformed admirably. I said to my son , do you want to try the south side where there was no people?

Yes, the bite is probably not that great there but we’d be alone. He said sure but of course by the time we got into car and on the other side, it was starting to get crowded too. However, within and hour after dark most people left.

Now you’d think south side is a similar type of fishing and you’d be wrong, very wrong. Its another “new” way of fishing that often can have you ask question : are you doing what you are doing right or you are just an idiot on the shore casting into the ocean? Because difference is not always evident.

On this side you cast plugs into the inlet. Darters, bottle plugs, swimmers, you name it. You cast it out then you “feed” your line into the current for a hundred yards or so. Only then you engage your lure and start a slow retrieve against the current by moving on the jetty tip in rotation. But you have no benefit of a flat footing on pier here, its coral rocks that will cut you up like a knife if you God forbid take a wrong step. Fortunately my son and I were alone. I casted and feed the line and then passed it to him to retrieve as he would give me his rod to cast and feed the line. Once he was done I’d give him the second rod and i casted again and feed the line. I really was not interested in catching fish myself. I wanted him to hopefully hook up into something.

By the way, many of you will probably asking what is “something”. How big is your imagination?

Giant snook, big shark, giant tarpon you have no chance of ever landing, big jacks, red fish, small bluefish,and host of other species that will kick your ass in short order. A guy on a pier had a 15 pound snook on and while he was lowering the net a 300 pound goliath grouper that calls the pier its home came from under and took his fish…in a flash

We were using Super Strike Bottle plugs this night and my son hooked into fish that was smoking his drag. But after few minutes it was evident that something is not quite right. There is a boat drifting in a darkness and he is yelling towards us. I grabbed the rod and from the angle of his line I could see that is running towards the boat. I am thinking the dude on the boat is hooked up to same fish, or one of them is hooked and the other crossed. He is asking me to give him slack but I am saying hell no, you give slack. After all its my kid that is hooked up. This goes on for 10 minutes and I was pretty darn proud of my kid and knots I tied..haha

Eventually I  did relent as i could see the fish trashing by the boat a hundred yards away and I gave him slack. He netted the fish and yes, he gave me back my bottle plug intact, something that would never happen in NY. Who actually hooked the fish? We will never know

Here is a picture of Matt DiCostanzo whose proud dad Ron is a manager at ZeeBaas with a nice redfish . Photo Credit goes to Lyd Le’Ng


More to come including fishing with great Patrik Sebile from Sebile Lures

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Fishing Sebeastian Inlet Florida

Many of you will probably disagree with me on this but I find the most gratifying part of fishing finding out how LITTLE do I know about fishing. Not so much about striper fishing although I feel I have just scratched the surface there too. But when traveling to places unfamiliar I try to soak up all the local information that I could.

Having said that, if you are a proficient striper hunter you can easily apply that knowledge to any place in the world you visit. But many of times I have traveled to places feeling good about what I know and how to put in practice only to leave them with a tail between my legs.

Another maddening thing about learning new places, especially ones you have to take the airplane to get to, is that by the time you kind of “get it”, by the time you take the local customs and then apply the way you fish to them so you can fish the way you want, you have to leave. More time then not, its just about when you start catching fish your way.

Why not just fish the way the locals do?

That is easier said than done

I took my son down to Sebastian Inlet in Florida last week. Before you accuse me of being a snob, hear me out. I have never fished on a pier in my life. I don’t own a net or a gaff. I did some venturing on local bridges on Long Island but I always fished from the side, never from the top. Sebastian pier on the north side of the inlet is one loooooong  pier. You’ll find more carts loaded with rods here than in any place I have ever seen. There are guys tossing all kind of setups from 6 to 11 feet, some tossing cut bait, live bait, shrimp and more shrimp, plugs, spoons and yes, bucktials.


Did I go there to specifically fish the pier? No. But I surely wanted to check it out. The bite was hot on the outgoing at dusk when my son and I arrived one day. Giant pelicans were bombing the water and water off the tip was itself boiling with fish. Quite a few guys were hooked up to the birds instead of the fish. I never expected to make a cast but did walk towards the tip to check the action.


Now, when you stand a hundred yards away and look at the craziness on the tip, you say this is the craziest thing I have EVER seen. It appears there are hundred guys standing so close to each other casting that they cant even raise their hands to make a cast. But looks can be deceiving. There is actually a method to this madness that is called a “rotation”. You cant see it from a far and really, you cant honestly experience it unless you take part in it.


What kind of fish were blitzing?

Bull redfish, and I have not seen a single one that was smaller than 25 pounds. I hooked one, three days latter my arm is still sore but that is the story for during the week. I just got up and went to get a coffee and nearly killed myself on a thin layer of ice in my driveway

hyuj ythbjn

Welcome to NY

More stuff to come including fishing few nights with legendary Patrik Sebile from Sebile Lures, Ron D from ZeeBaaS reels and even many Montauk locals shrimping on the catwalk

Its a Crazy Place and I cant wait to get back


Special Giveaway from Guppy Lure Co

We are going to have a special giveaway today for our readers while you are all hopefully enjoying reading and watching videos in the issue #29 of the Surfcaster’s Journal  Magazine.

Few weeks ago i received this am lure in the mail from makers of Guppy Lures ( and I was just left with a mouth open and a drool pouring out of it.

Today, I will give one of you a chance to win one. Guys behind Guppy Lures will be at many shows this winter I am sure. I know I often see them at Surf Day NJ, Berkeley, RISAA and River’s End and considering growing popularity of their lures they probably they added few more shows this winter.

So one winner will get this sweet Guppy Pencil Popper


I still have a ton of footage that we captured while doing interview in their shop last spring. Hopefully I can get to it soon. This is a small snippets

 YouTube Preview Image

And yes, first 25 minute episode of SJTV is coming your way in about a week if you are a subscriber. Here is a preview

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Show season

The winners of  Respect Striped bass prints from crazy Alberto Knie are Joe GaNun and Michael Callahan. Joe, you get to pick the one of your choice and Michael you get the second one. Both of you have 5 days to get in touch with me at with your shipping info and i will put you in touch with Alberto

We got more giveaways lined up, Tommy is putting the finishing touches on new issue which is coming this weekend and SJTV is coming your way too on January 20th.

This is basically our show schedule, where you can come meet us and tell us how we are doing. And if you are coming to the shows for other reasons just stop by and say hi. We love to meet our readers. You can renew your subscription or update existing one, you might walk away with a free shirt and you’ll probably have a great time at all of these shows

CT Surfcasters Show CT Saturday January 24th 10 30 to 2 30pm

110 Flea Market NY Sunday 9 am to 3 pm February 1

NJ Surf Day February 21st NJ 8 30 to 4 30 PM

East Meadow Flea Market NY Sunday February 22nd 9 to 3 pm

RISAA Providence RI February 27 to March 1st

Berkley Fishing Flea Market NJ Sunday March 1st 9 to 2 pm

Ward Melville HS NY March 7th 8 30 to 3 PM

Asbury park Flea Market NJ Sunday March 8th 9 to 2 pm

Patchogue Flea market NY Sunday March 22nd 9 to 3pm

Something that became THE surf show in the northeast in few short years. no doubt thanks to incredible organization by JSS staff. We are so looking forward to it


Media Contact: Mark Mead

Heading into its 9th Year Surf Day “A Day Dedicated to the Surfcaster” has become The Largest Surfcasting Show of the Year

Lincroft, NJ (January 5, 2015) – The Jersey Shore Surfcaster’s (JSS) announces the return of the Ninth Annual Surf Day Fishing Show coming back to Brookdale Community College on Saturday February 21, 2015. Surf Day has become the largest fishing show dedicated to surf fishing in the Northeast with over 70 of the industry’s top vendors and over a dozen seminar speakers providing the most advanced surf fishing techniques every surfcasters needs to know.

This year the JSS is extremely excited to announce the two main seminar speakers will be ‘Crazy’ Alberto Knie and author John Skinner. Both presenters will be providing 90 minute seminars with extensive live Q&A sessions.

Crazy Alberto’s presentation ‘The Big Hunt Secrets’ will be an entertaining session with expert tips and secrets with a focus on the importance of conservation for our Striped Bass fishery. John Skinner who recently published his third book titled “Striper Pursuit’ will be speaking on “Condition-Based Bass Strategies”. John adds “It always strikes me that weather and water conditions often dictate how we can or should fish, and that these conditions are something we have no control over. To be consistently productive, we need to know how to deal with the whole spectrum of conditions.”

When you think it couldn’t get any better there are another 8 seminars to choose from on topics ranging from Chunking for big bass, Wetsuiting, River Fishing, seminars specifically focused on fishing Needlefish, Darters and Bottle plugs and more sessions are to be announced in the coming weeks. These seminars will be hosted by speakers such as DJ Muller, Jimmy Fee, Bill Wetzel, Bill Jakob, Patrick Perrotto, Jason Szabo to name a few.

This year you will also have 4 scheduled workshops to attend that will take place in the seminar rooms in order to get the most out of each workshop and provide plenty of space for attendees. The workshops will cover rigging and loading plugs, teaser tying, rod building and Beach Buggy 101, aka driving on the beach.

One seminar last year that was a huge success was the ‘Kids Seminar’. The JSS will continue on providing a kid-focused seminar that will be hosted by two JSS members Matt and Tim Risser. They’ll be bringing their ‘Kids First’ approach to the children with some great tips on becoming a surfcaster and at the same time providing the dads and moms with pointers on how to keep the kids interested and wanting to come back for more. Between the Kids Booth and the Seminar, each child will be given a free T-shirt


and ticket to a Kid’s ONLY Raffle for a rod and reel combo along with a grab bag full of goodies. Included will also be a hands-on workshop to let the kids play with the fishing gear and try on waders to get them started and interested in the sport.

The stellar giveaways and door prizes will continue as part of Surf Day as they are every year. Some great takeaway for some lucky winners will include a ZeeBaas Reel, Van Staal Pliers, Custom Built Century Rod, Flatlander Surfcasting Plug Bag, Custom Built Fiberstar Rod, MAK Surfcasting Plug Bag, Pelican Cooler, with over a dozen high end plugs.


Surf Day is the flagship event sponsored by the JSS fishing club. The JSS was founded in 2005 by a small group of die-hard striped bass surfcasters that put an emphasis on two things, fishing regularly and giving something back to the community.

They are an assembly of excellent independent fishermen that are good people that enjoy sharing their success and have no problem with watching others succeed. Every member emphasizes catch and release and conservation of our striped bass fishery.


This year’s Surf Day event is Saturday February 21st 8:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. Brookdale Community College, Lincroft, NJ.
$10.00 Entry Fee. Kids under 10 Free

For more information including seminar schedule, speaker profiles, directions and more go to:

Find us on Facebook at

Another great NJ SHOW……


Berkeley Striper Club ~ Fisherman’s Flea Market

Sunday 3/1/15 ~ 9AM – 2PM

Toms River Intermediate North
150 Intermediate North Way
Toms River, NJ 08753

Berkeley Striper Club ~ Fisherman’s Flea Market

Sunday 3/1/15 ~ 9AM – 2PM

Toms River Intermediate North
150 Intermediate North Way
Toms River, NJ 08753


Morning Tide , a little winter video fix and info on MRAC meeting in NY

This is the time of the year when many of us have had enough celebrating, overeating and Gas X. What we need is a fishing fix. But unless you got some time off from work, expandable income and a desire to jump on a plane for a trip to warmer locales, you are probably doing a lot of YouTube searching for something to feed your need.

I know these crazy dudes are not in USA but not only are they insane (I would not advise ANYONE to attempt this without protection as you can see in the first video) but they also have great editing skills in telling these stories

Morning Tide

First video is a Wash Off…kind of Montauk on Steroids

YouTube Preview Image

Second is The Fish of a Lifetime

YouTube Preview Image


And last, the one that started the whole insanity..Only a Fisherman Knows the Feeling

YouTube Preview Image

And on a serious note…message from Ross Squire FROM 1@32 about very important meeting for striped bass in nY

2015 NY Striped Bass Regulations

NY Marine Resource Advisory Council Meeting (MRAC) – IMPORTANT

The next meeting of MRAC is on Tuesday, January 13th at 2:00PM. The meeting will be held at the DEC offices located at 205 Belle Meade Road in East Setauket, NY. MRAC advises the NY Dept of Environmental Conservation on “issues pertaining to New York’s living marine resources and the fisheries these resources sustain.”

The bottom line is that while the DEC is not obligated to act consistent with MRAC, the council does have influence over their decisions.


At the last meeting, MRAC voted to investigate a 2 fish bag limit for the party boat/for-hire sector AND a 2 fish bag limit for rest of the recreational sector. I attended this meeting and the audience consisted almost exclusively of people aligned with the commercial sector and the party boat sector.

Given the make-up of MRAC, the great majority of recreational anglers are not represented proportionally and what was very clear during that meeting was that the ASMFC public comments were not fully recognized and represented. Charlie Witek and Bob Danielson did their best to represent and support the 1 fish bag limit that was favored by the great majority of the public comments received. However, they were drowned out and over-ruled by the other council members.

So while we may not sway the ultimate recommendations that MRAC makes to the DEC, a strong showing will remind the DEC members and leadership attending the meeting of the public comments and the overwhelming support for a 1 fish bag limit. It is the cover the DEC may need in order to enact 2015 regulations that are different from what MRAC advises.

I recognize that 2:00 in the afternoon is a difficult time for many. I requested having the meeting moved to the evening however MRAC was unable to gain a quorum for an evening meeting.

Your attendance, if at all possible, is important and is needed. Hope to see you there.

Ross Squire

“Respect Striped Bass” prints giveaway by Crazy Alberto Knie

As promised, we are going to start a 2015 with a very special giveaway from our columnist Crazy Alberto Knie.

There has ben a lot of fighting and jockeying for positions between user groups when it comes to who gets what allocation of striped bass harvest. But many of times, when tempers flare up, we forget that the only thing that really maters is What’s The Best For Striped Bass. I don’t think bass care if you hook it with treble, gaff it or nail it with bunker snag. I do think they care that there is enough of them still around to continue to spawn and be a premier inshore species in  the Northeast. Crazy Alberto created these posters to raise awareness of the plight of the striped bass. The first winner will get to pick one of these two prints while the second winner will receive the other one. Prints will be signed and embossed and shipped by Crazy Al to the winners.

Good luck to all who enter and I urge you to keep on fighting for the future of this most important species for us surfcasters.

If anyone is interested in purchasing these prints, please contact Crazy Al at alknie@gmail.comfv rfdvc

And if you need to be visually stimulated on this New Year’s Day…because you have not fished yet this year ….here is another short film by crazy dudes from Morning Tides to get you in the mood

YouTube Preview Image

Happy New Year to all Surfcaster’s Journal readers

Whoa..did that suck! The server went down and our web designer ,one of the most capable  people i have ever met was in …..…wait for it….Antartica on his honeymoon!!! There are no towns in Antartica , never mind internet. He fixed the issue in five minutes yesterday morning with promise to make provisions that this never happens again if he is not around. We sincerely apologize to all of our readers for this inconvenience around the holidays. I think my wife would give me a stare colder than anything in Antartica if i suggested we go there on honeymoon. Heck I remember spending part of my honeymoon twenty years ago in Cheeca Lodge in Islamorada. You have to understand this was way before Mr. Gore invented internet and there was a word “Lodge” in the name. Until the moment we arrived there she had reservations. …..been trying to get back there for twenty years now, but $500 a night for that place is never in a budget…

Anyway, we are glad to be back, tomorrow we will have a prints from Crazy Alberto for a giveaway so check in here

fv rfdvc

and today we will announce the winner of the RockHopper Surf Belt giveaway. The winner is Edward..

You have 5 days to email us your shipping address to


Tommy is working on a new issue which should be coming your way in about two weeks. What do we have for you?

Obviously great new articles by the best writers and SJ columnists

We got another episode of Montauk Time and Tide ready to roll in January

YouTube Preview Image

Full version of this interview with John Skinner, author of this holiday bestseller Striper Pursuit (the video version coming at a later date)

YouTube Preview Image

Video column by our Rod Guru Lou Caruso

and yes, even I have an article in this issue. Its been awhile since i wrote anything..haha

And of course, for those of you that are subscribers, the first 25 minute episode of SJ TV should be coming your way on January 20th

YouTube Preview Image

Happy New Year everyone!!!

We wish you all good health, happiness and continued success in the surf