Mexico Surf Fishing Part 4 video

Here is an unedited and very raw, phone video from Mexico that Ryan took while i was hooked up to a jack

I figured some of you might want to see what these travel rods look like i action. The quality is what it is, pretty good  for a phone. I made it unlisted so basically just for the guys on the blog

And yeah, that jack kicked my ass. I never want to catch one twice its size

Still home sick as a dog but tomorrow, we got the  SJ Holiday Flea Market coming up tomorrow so we hope to see a lot of you there

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Two free seminars by John Skinner
PENN Reel giveaway every hour
First 200 attendees receive Otter Tail Lures
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Turkey, Fish and Shows

I hope all of you have had great holiday with your families. The fishing was great to nonexistent, depending on where you were. Long island has a ton of “death rats”, under 10 inch fish that usually signal that the end of the season is near. Not even a hundred miles away in NJ, the fishing was on fire during Thanksgiving  weekend. This is a picture from Asbury Press, not sure if i’d participate BUT I am trilled that our NJ surfcasters had a BITE to tend too. They have had a rough seasons lately with a lot of gaps with no fish as they migrate, so I am happy to see a lot of guys catching on FB.15181290_10206234193008624_114368027047126400_n

Today’s blog will be kind of info related today, well get back to Mexico stories and some new videos this week if possible. Just a note about the new Tsunami Shield reel. I wish people would chill the #**** out ……its a $100 reel. If it performs as half as good as their Airwave Elite rods I will be trilled. Its not designed to be a replacement for your VS, Torque or even Slammer. Its an entry level reel that is supposed to hopefully be better than anything in that price range…Thats it4aad9fe9-31db-49d5-8d79-3ddbdd26ca0d

Next Sunday Dec 4th

SJ in association with PENN Reels and Otter Lures is presenting Holiday Fishing Flea Market at Hofstra U (same location as Striper Day in January). We have a good mix of vendors and John Skinner on hand to spice things up with some free seminars (please be advised that sitting is limited to first 50 people for seminars)

All the info you can find on the show website

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Here is a short version

Two free seminars by John Skinner

We are going to PENN Reel giveaway every hour

First 200 attendees will  receive Otter Tail Lures

Next 400 attendees receive door prize from SJ and other sponsors ( lures, books, hooks or  terminal tackle)

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New video: First Look at Tsunami Shield reel

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families

First i stuffed myself to guys with awesome food my sister in law made, and now its 5 AM and I am trying to get y but to the beach.

Below is a video , First Look at Tsunami Shield 600 reel

Here are the specs..

Retail: $99.99-$109.99

Size Range: 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000

Body Construction: Diacast Aluminum

Rotor Constriction: Stamped Aluminum

Side plate Construction: machined aluminum (screw on)

Drag material: Carbon Fiber (CF3)

Max Drag: 3000-4000: 20lbs 5000-6000: 30lbs

Can be changed from left to right side

Number of seals: 3000-4000 (10)  5000-6000 (13)

Gear Material: Zinc

Pinion Gear: Brass

Mexico Surfcasting, Part II

Ryan and I managed few jacks at first light by following instruction of what a crew that was there a week before us left. Ryan also managed two Sierra Mackerel which our hostl Fernando turned into a food fest for everyone at dinner time20161011_073809 20161011_073822 20161011_074227 20161011_074824 20161011_075627 20161011_080502 20161011_080508 20161011_080529

Running up and down the beach on a quad for the first time was a little intimidating for me,  until it quickly turned into an  awesome experience.p1010182

Few years ago my buddy Ray and I went to Costa Rica and I will never forget the ass kicking a jack gave me on a 7 foot rod. Well guess what, they are bigger and meaner in Mexico and they will still kick your ass and test your tackle. Striped bass who most of us pursue with passion is not even in the same league as jacks. I am convinced that a 10  pound jack would kick the biggest a striper in the ocean right into its teeth!

Not only are they great adversary and fun to catch, but I got to test the 5 piece 12′ 6″ Century travel rod under real life conditions. Did I mentioned its 5 piece rod?

The rod not only did a awesome job of fighting a fish but the casting..oh the casting!!!!

I am hoping to have a video for you soon when i get some additional footagew from Ryan

Not only was I effortlessly casting 100 to 150 yards using Line Stretcher lures but I can easily  get a 100 yards cast out of FS Sebile shads.

And don’t get me even started on Ryan’s casting…some of the casts that he launched that week still did not land!!!

The 9 footer broke down into 4 sections and it was the lightest, most responsive 9 foot rod I have user used. It will toss a 1/2 oz all the way up to 4oz with authority. I paired my up with VS 150 and it was a great rod light action rod.

So now you have not only another option when you are looking for a travel rod but you also can have Ryan customize. But to me, and I know these Century rods are made with space age carbon fiber that is developed for Formula One racing, to me the most fascinating and brilliant part of this rod design is….

The Guide !!!


Really, the guide you might ask????

stay tunned

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Trailhead Tire Deflatorsmaxresdefault

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Not a good product, a GREAT product for everyone that puts their truck on sand , regardless if its 1 time or a 100 times a year.trail

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We are hoping to have new issue of the Surfcaster’s Journal Online Magazine # 40 (can you believe # 40!!!!!) up within next 24 hours. Trust me, its worth a wait. Here is a new trailer of short film by Stephen Gallant and  Brian O’Connor -One Trick Ponies

A full length of his short film in its entirety will be shown elusively for the first time at Striper Day 2017 which will take place at Hofstra University on January 14th

For all information about the show, please visit



Custom Rods- Guest blog post BY Surfcaster’s Journal magazine Rod Guru Lou Caruso

Lou Carusodsc_3309

Wasn’t going to write this blog but I’m troubled by what I am seeing out there. It used to be that a rod builder was an artist and would read all he could before starting the process of wrapping rods. In those books besides instructions on how to wrap guides, you also got information on blanks and how to set up guide layout and why. Although those books are outdated, they gave anyone who read them a solid foundation into roadbuilding. Today anyone can go to youtube and become a pro. Now don’t get me wrong, I see some pretty looking rods out there. The troubling part is there are many “assemblers” out there. These folks do not have the mechanics and working knowledge or nuances of different blanks, and Lord knows there are a ton of those blanks around.  I see guys paying top dollar for rods in both the “L” and “M” powers with the same guide layout. This is disturbing because both those blanks react differently under load and should be laid out differently at least in the tip section.

Twice this week, I come to find out two people I know paid top dollar and then some for rods and may have gotten “a factory” layout on them.  Are you kidding me ????????  At least the rods had fancy wraps on them so that should help.

Factory layouts are used on rods where multiple reels running all sizes might be used. This is usually a compromise and does not show the fullest potential of a blank. What I have seen in the past is a rod builder contacts the manufacturer and gets the guide layout from the tip down and doesn’t take into account the reel location. This leads to a rod that is not being built correctly if the reel seats are in different locations and again not building the best rod for the customer.

One of the rods I saw, none of the guides aligned with each other. Also, the guide train was incorrect to the point an incorrect guide was used. The line had to rise half way down the blank and drop to the next guide causing inconsistent line flow.

Few things you as the customer might want to check with your rod builder;

1 – Sight down the rod. Those guides should be straight. This is really basic roadbuilding….

2 – If you sight down the guides looking through them, you should also get a bullseye down the middle of the guides. If concept, this will be down to the chock guide.

3 – Looks are nice but make sure your rod was built using solid roadbuilding mechanics and techniques, meaning did the builder build it with you in mind, your casting style, what reel are you using, reel position ect.

4 – Find out what layout they will be using, meaning NGC, Modified NGC, COF or modified COF. This could have an effect on performance for you.

If these things are followed your rod builder should be able to squeeze the most performance out of the custom rod you are paying a lot of money for.….