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Surf Fishing Tip of the Week # 46 Using heads as bait

I always found it perplexing when I would walk on the beach and found a guy chunking, with bunker heads scattered all around him. Granted when I fished with bait a lot I went all out to do it, what I considered the “right” way. This means nothing more than having the right tools for the job. Although I have caught a 47 pound doozie on a chunk with Lami GSB and VS the softness of a spinning rod, the feature that makes them great for casting plugs, sucks when you are lobbing chunks. In fact some times when I tried to lob a head with my GSB I thought the rod was going to snap like a twig ( big props to Lami here for just how versatile GSB is). So I bought myself GSB 136 1MH which many would describe as conventional “meat stick”. Be that as it may, paired up with Abu 7000, you can probably cast a live squirrel with that a  100 yard



But you get my drift


and just a note from SJ staff

All shirts and all wool caps are now back in stock at as of this evening. We apologize for running out of most stuff at Striper Day

Striper Day thoughts

I promised you few thoughts on Striper Day, so here they go before I get sidetracked by something else again.

First ,we’d like to thank you all who attended, the vendors and all the guys that tirelessly worked the show. Hofstra U in their ultimate visdom, after telling us a month before the show that the lounge is no longer available to be used, decided to tell us few days before the show that we can use it. This set off mad scramble to change the table location and vendors again but we gladly took it to expand the room. As in previous year, we had staggered entry, so the plug guys got their fill and those that wanted goody bags got theirs too. Crowd was noticeably higher than last year but no crowding whatsoever.

Hofstra told us that lounge area will undergo renovation this week and will no longer be able to be used for future shows as tables will no longe be allowed. To me this mean that Striper Day in its current form is no longer a possibility at Hofstra. I am mentally exhausted trying to fit a square peg in the round hole. If we overdo on promo, we have to worry about crowding. If we don’t , then vendors ask where are the people? You just cant win. And now without lounge it would mean that we had to squeezes another 10 tables in the main room and never allow anyone new to come in ? No thanks, I’ll like to sleep at night

Any other place we might possibly move to, will of course have its own challenges. But as of right now, the Striper Day IV only exists in your imagination. We are looking into few different options including one where there would not be (not by choice) room for any seminars but as you know our choices are limited and honestly, if I had to answer you today if next year Striper Day will happen, I would tell you an honest no. But that does not mean we will stop trying. Right now , our best option is somewhere mid Suffolk county, either south or north shore. Keeping fingers crossed but I am realist. If I was living in pretend land, I would have bough shit load of Bitcoin and have someone type this shit for me instead of pecking with this one finger.

Here is an interesting thought…why in the world do we have these shows till 5 pm when NO ONE is there after 3 o’clock? Its embarrassing to have your feature speaker go on at 3 with 6 people in attendance and this is not only NY, but NJ, CT ,RI you name it. Why are we making these shows so long and then get pissed when vendors want to leave after 3 o’clock because place looks deserted? It doesn’t make any sense. Everyone (yours truly included) likes to get his stuff done in morning and spend afternoon either at home with family or watching football. The RISAA show is brutal with this especially on Sunday till 5PM and then a mad rush for exits.

Maybe we should all think this…and maybe we actuality have better shows


in mean time I am dreaming about return trip mexico and roosterfish !!!!Charlie leaning in