Striper Day 2018

Here were are on the cusp of another show season and third edition of Striper Day this weekend at Hofstra University leads the way. A day dedicated to the surf fishing community with a full day of seminars from today’s best known surfcasters. There will be vendors of  surf fishing products, factory representatives, well known authors, guides, tackle shops, local plug builders and more. Come enjoy  seminars from today’s best known surf fishing experts.

I know that staggered entrance is a little confusing to some so let me try to explain it a bit.Due to overwhelming attendance , we are attempting to spread out the rush . The show hours will be 8:30 a.m. to 4 30 p.m. For all you plug fanatics, the doors will be open at 8:30 a.m. sharp. BUT, if you like free stuff, we will be handing out complimentary gift packages loaded with items from our sponsors to the first 400 guests arriving AFTER 10:30 AM.

We are looking forward to seeing a lot of our readers and we think that you will enjoy many of the seminars and movie showing too. One big change this year is that SJ will be announcing raffle winners throughout the day and posted on board on SJ Raffle table. In addition, if you are winner and not present we will contact you via phone after the show. All you need is to put your phone # and name on back of a ticket. We even have giant ticket to help you write your # easier.fullsizeoutput_f18

On a personal level, this has been the most difficult thing I have ever done with SJ. Due to lack of room, I’ve lost too many nights of sleep and had one too many Xanax to stay sane. If there is another Striper Day it will be held in another venue, most likely in Suffolk county. This is my last Hofstra Striper Day, which does not mean that its last for SJ , just last I am personally willing to plan. Hofstra decided that they no longer wish to give us the lounge area in 2019 which leaves the show to only one room going forward after this year edition, and in my mind that is unacceptable. We have few solid leads for places twice as big in Suffolk county but we can only hope that something good will come out of it. I tried to do the best I could with what I had to work with, with widening the isles and limiting tackle store presence to make the experience still unique but more comfortable. Forgive me if I have let you down along the way. I am hoping that best is YET to come. See you on Saturday

Winner does NOT need to be present
Van Staal VSX Reel
Costa Del Mar Sunglases
Lamiglas GSB 108M Surf Rod
Fiberstar Predator SB – 1266 Surf Rod
Tsunami Airwave Surf rod
Tsunami Shield Reel
J.Jaget Customs Lure Pack
CCW Lure package
Guppy Lures package
Tight Liner Lures Lure Package
Black Label Plugs Lure Package
YoZuri Lures Package
Tsunami Lures Package
Set The Hook Striped Bass Performance shirt and Long Island hat
and more to be added at show…26241134_1878940959085922_1115462730_n

2018 Striper Day  Seminars
(subject to change)
Main Theater

10 00 AM- 11 15 AM
Bill Wetzel
Montauk Trophy Hunting
“Running The Coast “
Short Movie by Jamie Howard

11:45 AM- 1 PM
John Skinner
“Bending the Rod – Staying Happy in Today’s Fishery”

1:15 PM- 2 :45 PM
“Montauk Rocks”
Movie by Richard Siberry

3 PM – 4 PM
Elliot Sudal
Intro to Land-based Shark Fishing

 Seminar Room 143

9:45-10:45 AM
Al Gag’s
“Catching Stripers All Winter Long”

Matt Broderick
“Commonly Used Lures and Practical Applications”

12:30 to 1:15 PM
Pete Utschig
Plugs – “What,When and Why”

1:45- 2:30 PM
Al Albano
“Fishing Inlets”IMG_7861


 8.30 AM – 4.30 PM

Admission $15  Children under 12 free

The first 400 guests arriving AFTER 10:30 AM will go home with complimentary gift packages from

Super Strike Lures, Tsunami Lures, Otter Tails, MagicTail Bucktails, Hogy Lures, Gamakatsu, SPRO, Al Gag’s Lures & SJ

First 100 Gift bags $50+ value 

Next 200 Gift bags $35+ value 

Next 100 Gift Bag  $25+ value 

Lamiglas new rods

DSC_0407By Lou Caruso

I recently caught up with the owner of Lamiglas and Lamiglas rep Sean Kearney as they worked their way from shop to shop across the Island showing them the latest innovations Lamiglas has to offer in their revamped surf lineup. Some time ago I had spoken to Tom, and later to Sean about the outdated layouts Lamiglas used on their factory surf rods and the adverse effects they had. The big heavy guides were really slowing down the action and making the rods really sloppy to cast. I have done quite a few builds on Lamiglas blanks over the last few years using the newer smaller K-Frame guides with a new guide concept layout or a modified concept layout, and knew there was much more potential in Lamiglas blanks that was not being utilized in their factory rods.DSC_0409

When Tom and Sean reached into the back of their vehicle I was pleasantly surprised to see some really nice, revamped surf rods. From the ergonomic reel seat with a locking nut, to the ex-flocks handles to the smaller K-Frame guides they were all new. A far cry from the days of cork handles with the hypalon pieces on each end of the standard reel seat (boy did I hate those), and those huge guides.25445928_10212059413219106_339475375177982953_n

These rods are much crisper then the originals and lighter in the hand. The blanks are still the same blanks used in the original lineup including the new GSB1321MOS and the GSB1201MOS for all the diehard Lamiglas Fans.

With the show season starting up this weekend, check them out for yourselves. Lamiglas will be at Striper Day as well as many of the east coast shows.


2018 New Year Giveaway

Lets have a giveaway to start off the year.

SJ crew is looking forward to seeing many of our readers at Striper Day and other shows this winter. And we are wishing you a very successful  year in the surf

This giveaway is for new SJ Digital Woodland Camouflage Deluxe Acrylic watch cap, Black 100% Acrylic Wintuck Watch Cap & Super Strike New Darter


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some more info on striper day


Winner does NOT need to be present

Van Staal VS 250 Reel

Costa Del Mar Sunglases

Lamiglas GSB 108M Surf Rod

Fiberstar Predator SB – 1266 Surf Rod

Tsunami Airwave Surf rod

Tsunami Shield Reel 

CCW Lure package

Guppy Lures package

YoZuri Lures Package

Tsunami Lures Package

and  more to be added…IMG_7861


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Mega Striper Day Giveaway

I want to wish you all Happy Hanukah and Merry Christmas. I hope that all of  you spend this wonderful time of the year surrounded by family and friends and I hope you have a joyous time celebrating these holy days.

Since I am knee deep into making gift bags for Striper Day I said, hey, why don’t we have a giveaway of all the wonderful things that might find a way into your goodie bag? Super Strike is still woking on plugs so I included one of ours but everything else is exactly as you might find in your bags at Striper Day. Obviously some guys will get some and not others AND we have few surprises “hidden” for you that ae attending that also might find ways into your bags.

So one winner will walk away with this

  • Tsunami Hat
  • Super Strike Lure
  • Hogy 9” Pro Tail
  • Al Gag’s 7” Whip It  Eel
  • Spro Premium Bucktail
  • MegaShads from MagicTail
  • MagicTail Bucktail
  • Gamakatsu Octopus Hooks
  • Tsunami Casting Spoon
  • Tsunami Wood Lurefullsizeoutput_e15 IMG_7861

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