Surf Fishing Tip of the Week # 38- making Bucktails with Lou Caruso- Full video

I have to thank an alert reader who contacted me this week to let me know that the making bucktails video we did with Lou Caruso years ago only exists in preview form, meaning there is no full version to be found. I could not figure out why and I know it must be annoying to watch a video and not being able to log into to see a full version. Luckily I found a full version file on my old mac in basement so here it is.

The only problem is Lou lost about 40 pounds i gym recently so he might not be recognizable any more !!!! lol

new issue is up for your reading pleasureissue46

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Montauk Time & Tide Episode # 4 – Favorite plug today

Few weeks ago as I was cleaning out my basement, I came across an old hard drive which contained many of the interviews I have done for the original Montauk Time & Tide series. I thought I lost them all when my Mac crashed few years ago and corrupted all my files. As I was looking through old episodes I realized that we made all of them public , except one, Episode # 4, What’s Your Favorite Lure

So here it is, for most of you , the first time seeing this. I got to say, seeing Jack Yes who has passed away since these interviews took place makes me glad I’ve done this. Not for me but for the future generations who will be able to hear these great surfmen, maybe for the first time. 

 This episode appeared in 2014 issue of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine


Preview of Videos in the issue # 46 of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine

Happy Veterans Day to you and your families. Special thanks and salute to of you who have saved in the  Armed Forces. We are forever indebted to you and sacrifices you have made for our country, our freedom and our way of life.veteransday
Tommy is working hard on the magazine and hopefully he will have it wrapped up this weekend. There will be bunch of new videos including new Comanche Surfcasting from Peter Utschig and friends and three new Surf Fishing 101 series videos, #37,38 & 39. This will probably be my last SF 101 video for awhile as we move on to other projects. Covering things in depth can be a little challenging when you are a one man show so i need to pick and choose my spots (and projects) carefully. Of course there are articles from Anderson, Albano, Bill Jakob, Frank Diagnault, Rob Bertolini, John Lee, Frank G, Mr. Skinner, Jeff Lomonaco, Alex Friedman  and the list goes on

This is what’s coming up in this issue of SJ magazine (these are previews, not full length episodes. Full length will be available once you log into your account AFTER we upload new issue next week, this is just a sneak peek)

#37- 8 minutes of us using a night vision camera and casting darters in some very fishy water. Tommy was on camera this night and after we landed so many fish we decided to grab a camera and do some video. Keep in mind that I am in complete darkness. Tommy infrared lenses are showing me lit up but I don’t even know where he is in the dark.

#38- Roy Leyva, one of the best surfcasters of this generation, definitely one of the most humble ones. He like Mr. Skinner who has never seen a roadside puddle he did not like to fisd it. The difference is Roy Leyva actually stops and fishes every single one.

#39- a 10 minute episode on bait fishing to close out the series. Something we do not do enough of in this (or any publication). Lures fishing is consider more sexy and exciting than bait fishing but I have to tell you, if I had a choose a weapon for a big fish between lures and bait…it would not even be a contest. So if you are going to go to the war, might as well have the right tools and be prepared

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We know you guys are waiting with baited breath for Super Strike to unveil their 2018 color line up. We do not know all the details but we do know that these three colors will be making a return appearance in 2018.
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Surf Fishing Tip of the Week # 35-Tsunami shield sand test

I did not want to get all hysterical  like many others about this reel and its seals and water sealing properties. You know my feelings on waterproof reels. They are awesome but 99% of surfcasters will never reel  under water. I do know good value when i see it. and there is a lot more to reel than its water sealing properties. Line lay, drag, sand flush, smoothness etc….

Surf Fishing Tip of the Week # 35-Tsunami shield sand test


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The rules of the game have changed

I am sitting on cramped  LIRR seat at 4 AM banging on the phone keyboard…what could possibly get under my skin to take such a drastic measures?

Something we have discussed many times over the years. Here is the thing, if it helps one person I’ll be happy. But the point of this blog post is more that we educate those new to the sport than to increase our catch.

We are in the middle of the fall run in northeast. You can blame water temp or lack of bait or reduced striped bass stocks or President Trump. But none of that will increase your catch. As of this writing this has probably been one of the worst seasons in general since moratorium in early 90’s where I fish. Obviously, people in Cape Cod Canal would disagree with me (and you). But then again so would have people fishing Block Island during the moratorium.

I think it’s obvious that striped bass stocks are not what they used to be. Less fish competing for food will result in less places they will venture in to get it. If you get to the restaurant and there is 2 hour wait, most likely you will leave and find another place to eat. It might not be as plentiful or delicious but it will do. Same goes for seals. Part of the reason they are spreading from Cape is because there are so many of them, they are going further away from the main group looking for food.BLORT

What does this have to do with the fall run? I thought you’d never ask!

In days of abundance you did not have to go anywhere. The fish were going to be at your beach as SOME point. There were so many of them, everyone had “resident” fish ( basically throughout the season) . What happened to most of these fish? Well, we ate most of them in my opinion!

So you went to your local beach and you knew that you can pick few residents, and when big migratory schools come down the beach in fall..…oh boy!

Some guys become fixtures on the beach, some even got nicknames like Shiny Bob or Jetty Steve or whatever. They could be counted to catch their share of fish because they were dialed into the place AND they were there every day. They never moved!

They are still there every day, the difference is they are not catching. In a lot of instances they are not caching anything, a huge difference from years past. And they still hammer their honey hole while saying how good water looks, how warm are temperatures, how all they need is bait.

Don’t be that guy!

Chances are fish will not come to your local beach at all this fall. If you hear of consistent action few miles away, go to it. Yes , I know it will kill the most guys to be THAT Guy that chases reports but I am telling you it’s the only way you might fulfill your need for a bent rod.

The striped bass schools are smaller and with less competition for food, they might feel less need or desire to  feed in shallow water on the beach if they can instead stay in the deeper water.

Years ago we all “knew” there was a bite in Mtk for example, or few miles east or west but we never moved from our local spot. There was not need as we all had plenty of resident fish to keep us busy be that in NJ or RI.Eel skin chapter IMGP0298

Those rules in my humble opinion do not apply any longer. You will need to move and possibly even do stuff you are uncomfortable with, like fish inlets with Jetty jocks if you are a sand dude. And you might not like it, but you’ll have a fighting chance.

Game has changed, you have to adapt.

Some will rather not fish than move on to the places they are not comfortable of fishing in. I respect that. But most that want to catch fish will go where the fish are. And this will create even crazier crowded conditions than you are used to.

That will definitely be the worst part of this. (Of course, if you subscribe to the notion that there are plenty of fish…. they are just in deep water because the water is too warm, you just wasted your time reading this, my apologies)issue45