Life should be delicious

I know there is a certain aversion to eating what some consider either bait or “garbage fish”. That last term bothers me to no end, you know why, because you get people who feels their dogs are on par with humans but they are stubbing their nose on fish because it might be to “ugly” for their taste. Not sure who died and make them God, but I have no such preconceived notions. Neither do i feel a deer is any more “cute” than a cow. They are all God’s creatures and should be respected equally.

Seeing dogfish and skates left to rot in sun by surfcasters particularly gets under my skin, probably because I grew up fishing for them as a child and eating them as often as I could.

That is just my little rant about respecting life in any form but not the 
“meat” of todays blog post. I’ve eaten skate (and dogfish) in “brodetto” all my life, made by my late grandfather. It was  an Italian style fish stew, where my grandpa would simply skin the skate and cooked the meat in large chunks. The way you ate it was to grab a piece with your hands and put it in your mouth and all that would be left in your hand was a cartilage as the skate has no bones.

Of course as I came in America I got shamed into not considering those species “edible” . Lets be real, other than few high end chefs , no one ever recommended skate to me (or you) or even brought it up in conversation when it came to food. Part of me was literally embarrassed that i ate the damn thing. Like I was a savage of some kind.

Funny thing happened. I stopped giving fuck what other people think awhile ago.I even had a pizza few weeks ago that did not taste like something I’d rather feed to livestock (thanks Chef Brian, that was insanely good pizza)  I still get a  funky stares when it comes up that I ran a half marathon few weeks ago, or that i dropped enough $ at Ralph Lauren last week Ralph called me personally to thank me for a donation… it too short, live it to its fullest if you can

I also got into cooking with a lot more purpose last few years. I no longer eat processed food and some of the dishes I’ve created for my family have been well received . So its not surprising when I saw this in a seafood store i said wtf not ? For $5 i can have globs of filets and if they suck, I am out of what ,$5?

Since that day I keep coming back to that store every few weeks and buying more skate wings. My wife was at first “are you sure this shit is good to eat at $1.99 a pound, This they find it on a street?”

Now she is “can we please have more!”

I tried it stuffed with spinach, crabmeat, fried in breadcrumbs but  think my favorite is pan frying in brown butter and splash of lemon just before plating. If you have not tried it, I urge you to try. You might not like the texture or taste ( taste is very mild ) but with the price being what it is, you really cant go wrong. Sure beats $20+for pound of bass

Life should be delicious


here is a 15 minute video we have done with Chef Andrew 7 years ago !!!

The future of our fishery by Lou Caruso

By Lou Caruso

The future of our fishery

First off let me state, I am not one of those guys that is insanely adamant about releasing every fish caught. I keep an occasional fish for the table as my family all enjoy a meal of fresh striped bass. This has more to do with the fish we are taking.

I recently took a trip to Cape Cod Canal. My wife bought me a bike for Christmas from Canal Bicycles in Bourne, Mass forcing my hand. I’m always saying I want to try new places but never seem to find the time. She made sure I would go. At 63 years old I’m still learning and for me this is a whole new arena…

I went for a few reasons, first being I’m trying to break my personal best, second access is much easier than doing the south side walk in Montauk and third this all being new to me has renewed my vigor in chasing striped bass..

As most of you know, there are some really big fish up at the canal. Just look at Facebook or Instagram and every- body and his brother is holding up a 30 pounder from there.….

What I saw kind of made me sick and concerned. The amount of 30-40 pound fish being kept is amazing. I saw bike after bike going by with these huge fish strapped to the back. Monday and Thursday are Commercial Days where anyone with a commercial license can keep 2 fish. The last day I was there which was not a commercial day, I counted in 1 parking area over 50 fish taken out of there. Many over 30 pounds. That is one location over a 7 mile stretch with 2 sides of parking areas.

My concern is there are 2 pods of big fish right now. One in the canal and one off Montauk. Both of these pods of fish are getting hammered….. If we continue to take all of the prime breeders out of the gene pool a few things will happen. First, the generations of fish following may not be a big as these bass today as breeders will be smaller and smaller. Second, if you look back at the collapse, just before it occurred most of the fish being caught were over 30 pound cows.

Our biomass of big fish is dwindling very quickly. It’s up to us to be responsible stewards of this fishery. If you can, release the monsters and keep a nice 10-15 pound fish. They taste better and will give those 30-40 pounders a chance.

Thanks for letting me vent,

Lou CarusoBike.


Surf Fishing Tip of the Week # 58- Fishing Cuttyhunk with Zeno Hromin & New line of rods from ODM

some thoughts on  how I fish Cuttyhunk..from Cuttyhunk



Some big news from ODM rods…they just unveiled new line of D.N.A. rods …in $200-$300 range

Check it out at

. N . A surf rods are engineered to give the best combination of performance and value!  Built with proprietary carbon nano technology to battle game fish that roam our waters.  It features Fuji tangle-free Alconite K-Guides with NGC layout to maximize the performance expected of  . N . A.  It includes custom spiral non-slip foregrip and split butt grip for that extra comfort and ergonomic power. Welcome to new era of value and performance  –  . N . A surf rods… It’s in the Fisherman!


– Sensitive and Powerful – Power to handle big game fish.
– Crisp and fast recovery with moderate to moderate fast action
– Excels in many different type of lures: swimmers, pencil poppers, bucktails, metals, darters,  etc
– Long distance casting surf rod


– Carbon Nano technology with proprietary layering and patterning process
– 2 piece: 60/40 split – Design to flex and behave like 1 piece rod
– Top manufacture Components – Fuji tangle free Alconite K guides and ODM custom ergonomics reel seat.
– Custom Spiral Grip – Comfortable non-slip foregrip and split butt grip.
– Built on Fuji New Guide Concept layout
– 1 Year limited warrantyScreen Shot 2018-07-05 at 8.43.10 PM

Surf Fishing Tip of the Week # 57 NEW PENN SPINFISHER VI FIRST LOOK

This is in my opinion a very interesting development in sub $200 reel market.

No, it will not replace your Van Staal. No ,you can’t reel it under water or swim with it.

Yes they added enough seals to get a IPX5 certification , they adding CNC gears on all models, brass and aluminum, new drag system , ridiculous number of models and a live liner with a very interesting feature….AND two Bail Less models !

Check it out and judge it for yourself


The 2018 Striperthon has commenced and the results are showing , in my humble opinion, exactly here our fishery is  today.

You really could not blame it on weather , as we had near perfect conditions in many places. Plenty of smaller fish were available in a lot of places but not many that would have made a 34 inch STRIPERTHON cutoff. And lets be fair, 34 inch is not a humongus hurdle to overcome, or at least, it did not used to be.

All of top fish came from Cape Cod Canal, again, no surprises here. It seems like what’s left of bigger fish population is either o bunker schools in deeper water or at the Canal. Which will make the upcoming moon bloodbath even harder to take for those of us that care about the fisheries.

I do want to congratulate our winners on their effort and for supporting catch & release . We also had a fish that would have placed second disqualified due to the fact that angler had no active SJ subscription. And another that would have placed very high if his tag did not flew out of window when lighting up a cigarette on the way to canal. I tell you, quitting is best thing I ever did, lol. He had some nice pics but without a tag, again, we could not enter them into the contest.

I want to thank all our supporters, those who made 2018 STRIPERTHON possible,  Van Staal, Lamiglas Rods, Super Strike Lures ,ODM Rods,  Guppy Lure, Tsunami Lures, Costa Del Mar, Trailhead Deflators and Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine.

Since we did not fill all spots, I am thinking about doing it again in few weeks. Tommy and I’ll will have to put the head together and come up with something.

Again, congrats to all our winners, you will be contacted shortly by SJ for your shipping info

1st place  Shawn Lynch 44″

2nd place Brian DiMento 39″

3rd place Brian Killen 39″

4th place Matt Kraniak 34″IMG_0085IMG_4503


Here is your official 2018 SPRING STRIPERTHON TAG





Largest Released Striped Bass

  1. Van Staal 200BXP reel (
  2. ODM 11′ Genesis Surf Rod 2-6oz (
  3. Lamiglas Super Surf 2G PRO 11′ 2-5oz  (
  4. Costa Del Mar Sunglasses (
  5. Super Strike Lures Set (
  6. Guppy Lure Co Set (
  7. Tsunami Lure Set  (
  8. Trail Head Deflators (
  9. SJ Gear Package



STRIPERTHON 2018 Starts this Friday at 5 PM

On tap this weekend is 2018 Spring Striperthon. I was at Cuttyhunk last week and the fish were there as they were at Cape Cod Canal, Montauk and New Jersey. In fact, some monsters were weighted in local tackle shop on new moon tides (yes it kills me to see them hanged but i still respect everyones right to do what their conscience tells them is a right thing)

There won’t be no weigh-ins  for Striperthon as this is strictly Catch & Release Tournament. Please familiarize yourself with rules (you can click HERE) so you do not lose out on the leaderboard entry due to rule violation

The official 2018 SJ STRIPERTHON TAG will be posted 5 PM FRIDAY right here on blog.

here is an example what good picture looks like

Straight ruler or measuring tape

Legible # on ruler and full size picture (not reduced size)

measuring tape on size of fish NOT OVER or on TOPwswsqaq

Respect to all our sponsor who furnished this year STRIPERTHON prizes!!!

Here is the list

Largest Released Striped Bass

  1. Van Staal 200BXP reel (
  2. ODM 11′ Genesis Surf Rod 2-6oz (
  3. Lamiglas Super Surf 2G PRO 11′ 2-5oz  (
  4. Costa Del Mar Sunglasses (
  5. Super Strike Lures Set (
  6. Guppy Lure Co Set (
  7. Tsunami Lure Set  (
  8. Trail Head Deflators (
  9. SJ Gear Package